Nurse Call Light EC-400L

  • Nurse Call Light
  • Wireless door light
  • Alarm light
  • Wireless alarm light
  • Adaptor for alarm light
  • Nurse Call Light
  • Wireless door light
  • Alarm light
  • Wireless alarm light
  • Adaptor for alarm light

Product Description

Wireless Nurse Call Light EC-400L is a crucial component of the Aidbell wireless nurse call systems, designed to indicate both the location and identity of the caller, enabling nurses to respond promptly.

Nurse Call Light EC-400L offers visual alerts accompanied by ringtones, ensuring that medical calls via nurse call buttons from hospital patient rooms, senior living facilities, and disabled nursing centers are received without delay.

This Nurse Call Light features high-visibility LED indicators available in seven colors. The Alert Dome Light contains four individual LED lights, each capable of displaying different colors to represent various call priorities. For example, the nurse call light can be set to use a Blue color to indicate a call from the ICU room with the “CODE BLUE” function. With vibrant ringtones, it provides attention-grabbing emergency alerts, notifying medical staff within seconds. As a complete wireless call light system, it is easy to install on walls, domes, or ceilings.

Typically installed above patient room doors, in hospital corridors, or outside restrooms for instant emergency calls, the Wireless Nurse Call Light EC-400L operates on a single DC12V adapter. Aidbell also offers a special version with Li-ion battery backup, ensuring the nurse call light functions properly even during power outages.

The Aidbell nurse call light system is a flexible wireless solution, ideal for older healthcare facilities where cabling is challenging. With the Aidbell wireless nurse call system, there is no need to disrupt existing wired nurse call systems, helping to save time and reduce costs.


Working frequency 433MHZ
Working voltage 12V DC
Working current <200mA
Sensitivity <112dB
Volume Output 30-120dB
Receiving distance 200 meter (open area)
Dimension 153×97×43 mm
  • Nurse call dome light displays 4 colors from 7 colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple, and Orange simultaneously
  • Nurse call dome light supports different colors & ringtones & display areas for each nurse call button
  • Adjustable Volume for different healthcare facilities: Loud / Low / Mute
  • Nurse call light can indicate 4 calling information or call priorities via different colors
  • Nurse call light can indicate 4 different locations via different colors and ringtones at one time
  • Aidbell nurse call light can typically be connected to external speakers to provide a louder alert if needed
  • Aidbell nurse call dome light can set the display time of light indication with an auto-canceling function
  • Nurse call light can be equipped with 1pcs 580mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery with 4.2VDC
  • Work with 400pcs Aidbell nurse call buttons in max
  • Easy Installation: plug-to-play