Bathroom Pull Cord EC-220PT

  • Bathroom pull cord
  • Bathroom pull cord

Product Description

Aidbell Bathroom Pull Cord EC-220PT is a waterproof nurse call button and can be mounted on the wall in patient rooms or bathrooms for emergency calls. Designed for easy access, the pull cord allows patients to activate it quickly in emergencies without needing to press a button, making it particularly useful for toilet emergency calls in healthcare facilities where the elderly might fall or be lying on the ground.

Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call Button with a bathroom pull cord is intended for patients, seniors, and individuals with disabilities to get help. It is widely used in hospital patient rooms, senior living facilities, disabled nursing centers, and other healthcare environments.

Installation is simple, using either screws or double-sided adhesive to attach the button to walls, desks, or bedside areas. Seniors can easily pull the cord or press the large call button to connect with Aidbell wireless emergency call receivers (wireless paging displays, nurse pagers, nurse call lights) within seconds to receive immediate assistance.

Bathroom emergency pull cord with alarm EC-220PT has a low battery indication function. When the battery installed in the nurse call button drops below 10%, the red indication light on the call button will light up continuously, which tells the healthcare staff that the battery needs to be replaced.


Working frequency 433MHZ
Power 12 V 23 A Battery
Battery life Appro. calling 40,000 times
Package 2 pcs per box
Transmission distance 300 m (open area)
Size 85 x 85 x 15mm  (Panel)
  • 2-key bathroom pull cord call button offers simple operation: press the large red “call” button or pull the cord to place a call, and press the small red cancel button to cancel the call
  • Crafted with a 100% waterproof white durable ABS enclosure, it ensures reliability even in wet environments, like toilets or bathrooms
  • Bathroom emergency pull cord with alarm is equipped with a 2-meter pull cord and a triangular pull ring for effortless use
  • Customization options include OEM production for adding logos or extending the pull cord length to suit specific needs
  • Bathroom emergency pull cord with alarm features a built-in antenna for extended working range, which guarantees reliable communication
  • Installation is flexible, allowing for wall mounting or sticking on any surface for convenience