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Guest Paging System

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Guest Paging System

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect quick and efficient services especially when it comes to dining out and shopping. As a result, businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve customer satisfaction and streamline their operations, especially by leveraging new technology. One way to boost communication and productivity in F & B industry is by using guest paging systems.

What Is a Guest Paging System?

A guest paging system is a wireless communication system that staffs use to notify their customers that their service is complete or their table is ready.  Pagers are mostly used in restaurants when customers are waiting for a table but they can be used in other industries such as hospitals, clinics, retail stores and etc.

Why Your Business Needs a Guest Paging System?

Guest paging systems are valuable tools that businesses can use to improve their customer service, reduce wait times, and increase efficiency. With the benefits of improved customer experience, increased efficiency, better table management, cost-effectiveness, and better communication, it is clear that guest paging systems are a valuable investment for businesses across different industries.

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Business Benefits:

  • Manage the guest experience with a more streamlined pick-up order process
  • Reduce noise and congestion at the order counter while waiting for foods
  • Effective control of many guests at the same time and speeds up table turns
  • A shorter waiting time makes the queuing line move faster, which will increase customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to install and operate and available to customize logo labels for your brand

System Composition

CT-P520 Paging System:

CT-P520 Paging System Components: Wireless Transmitter CT-K501, Coaster Pager CT-P520, Pager charger CT-P520C1/C2 , Display CT-D502 for Wireless Paging System

CT-P531 Wireless Paging System:

CT-P531 Wireless Paging System Components: Wireless Transmitter CT-K501, Coast pager CT-P531 , Pager charger CT-P531C , Wireless display CT-D502 for Guest paging system

CT-P540 All In One Guest Paging System:

CT-P540 All-In-One Guest Paging System composition: 2 in 1 Wireless keypad/Charger CT-P540C & 18pcs guest pagers CT-P540