Code Blue Button EC-200CB

  • CODE BLUE button
  • CODE BLUE button

Product Description

Aidbell Code Blue Button EC-200CB is a specialized nurse call button designed for healthcare staff when emergency assistance is needed in the ICU or VIP patient rooms. It represents the highest emergency level in the Wireless Nurse Call System.

Code Blue Button features a blue color with the word ” CODE ” on the nurse call panel, making it clear that this button is intended for nurses or caregivers to press in urgent situations. In an emergency or accident, pressing this code blue button summons immediate aid from other nurses or doctors. Alerts are received on nurse pagers, nurse call lights, or wireless paging receivers at the nurse station, displaying patient room numbers with ” CODE BLUE ” words and flashing blue. This indication is distinct from other types of nurse call buttons.”

There are very few types of Code Blue buttons available in the nurse call market. Aidbell developed and produced Code Blue buttons based on the requirements of end users. By gathering feedback and understanding their needs, we have created suitable nurse call buttons to enhance convenience and efficiency in the healthcare industry.


Working Frequency 433.92MHZ
Electric Power +20dBm (100mw)
Working current 20mA
Working voltage 12V
Battery life Approx. calling 40,000 times
Transmission distance 300 m (open area)
Size 85 x 85 x 15mm
  • 2 keys nurse call button with Code Blue key & Cancel key
  • 100% Waterproof nurse call button to ensure reliability and durability for daily use in healthcare facilities
  • Blue silicon with ” CODE ” printing for Code Blue (emergency calling) indicates the highest calling level
  • Code blue button features a white, durable ABS enclosure, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Code blue button with built-in antenna to ensure strong and reliable signal transmission
  • Code blue button installation: Can be wall-mounted or stuck on any surface for easy accessibility
  • Wireless Nurse Call System working distance: 300m in the open area and 2 KM with a signal repeater
  • 2pcs Code blue buttons are packed in one box