Wireless Nurse Call System POCSAG

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Wireless Nurse Call System POCSAG

POCSAG (Post Office Code Standardisation Advisory Group) is a widely used paging protocol for wireless communication. Here are some benefits of using a POCSAG wireless calling system:

Reliability: POCSAG systems are known for their reliability. They have a low error rate, ensuring that messages are delivered accurately and promptly.

Long Range: POCSAG systems can cover large geographic areas, making them suitable for applications where communication is needed over long distances.

Low Power Consumption: POCSAG devices typically consume low power, allowing for prolonged battery life, which is crucial in applications such as healthcare or emergency services.

Scalability: POCSAG systems can be easily scaled to accommodate a growing number of users or devices, making them suitable for both small-scale and large-scale deployments.

Interoperability: POCSAG is a standardized protocol, ensuring interoperability between different devices and systems from various manufacturers.

Low Interference: POCSAG operates in dedicated frequency bands, reducing the likelihood of interference from other wireless devices.

Overall, POCSAG wireless calling systems are well-suited for applications where reliable, long-range, and cost-effective communication is required, such as in healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and emergency services.

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Business Benefits:

  • POCSAG Technology operates in 420-470 Mhz frequency band with Low Interference
  • Low Power Consumption allows 5 years of battery life
  • Compatibility between different devices and systems
  • Low battery alert and calling success indication
  • Long working range: 300 meters and 2 KM with repeaters (open area)
  • Multi-language support including English, Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Slovenia, Hebrew, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Korean, French, etc
  • Certificated by CE, FCC, and Rohs to ensure the safety

System Composition

Nurse Call Buttons:

Aidbell POCSAG nurse call button is a simple, wireless, wall-mounted transmitter designed to instantly alert a caregiver or nurse when assistance is needed.

POCSAG Paging Receiver:

POCSAG Paging Receiver is the most important POCSAG Wireless Nurse Call System component.

Paging Transmitter:

Aidbell POCSAG paging transmitter is designed to relay POCSAG signals from call buttons to receivers. Install the paging transmitter in areas with weak signals to ensure the wireless nurse call system functions properly.


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