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Wireless Nurse Call System

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Wireless Nurse Call System

Nurse Call Systems are designed to alert the nurses in case of medical emergency or need for care. To provide the best possible environment for patients and their families during a time of suffering, Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call System can be quickly and easily used and installed.

This system allows patients from anywhere inside or outside the room to press their personal wrist call button. Doctors and nurses can receive alarm information on a variety of devices such as pendant receivers or corridor light receivers.

It also supports a custom software system. In the current market wireless technologies are a rapidly growing trend in healthcare.

Business Benefits:


System Composition

Nurse Call Buttons:

Nurse call buttons with a push cord or handset, which is stable and easy to make calling.

Wireless Receivers:

Management Software can be customized to PC support receiver.

Repeaters and others:

Signal repeater can transmit the signal over a long distance without becoming distorted.


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