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Kitchen to Waiter Paging System

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Kitchen to Waiter Paging System

Kitchen Calling System keeps servers and kitchen staff in constant communication and working more efficiently.  It plays a major role in meeting the standards of work required in serving dishes, enabling your staff to complete other tasks between order delivery.

Our system goes much further in promoting staff efficiency with the only one button alert. One chef can call many waiters via one wireless keypad. Servers are instantly notified when food is ready for table delivery while it’s still hot and fresh, which decreases guest complaints about slow delivery and avoid the loud voices in the kitchen.

Using our paging system not only reduces labor costs but also increases staff productivity and customer experience.

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Business Benefits:

  • Allow chefs to quickly alert the entire waiting staff when food is ready for pickup
  • A streamlined pick-up process to improve staff efficiency & productivity
  • More cost effective for mass notification to faster deliver food to the table

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