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Higher Service Operation, Boost More Profitable

More and more customers in restaurants want fast and high-quality service. And at the same time, the restaurant owners hope to improve staff efficiency. So how?

As a matter of course, Aidbell Wireless Calling System is here to improve the quality and speed of service. Using our systems, customers will no more turn their heads, or raise their hands to call for service. All they do is just press the button , and the service comes. And the staff also don’t need to yell names and can be more focused on their work.

This is a simple and reliable solution for managing guest experience, but also comes with a variety of transmitter and wireless receiver choices to fit your restaurant needs.


Solution 1:Wireless Calling System

  • For Customers to call Waiters if need any help 
  • 1. Customers press the call button, the table number will be shown on the receiver.
  • 2. Waiter is able to figure out which tables need service.

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Solution 2:Guest Paging System

  • For Waiters to call Customers when the order is ready 
  • 1. Customers get the coaster pagers from the counter, and are free to find a seat anywhere to wait.
  • 2. When the order is ready, the pager will be flashed to notify customers to pick up the order.

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Solution 3:Kitchen to Waiter Paging System

  • For chef to call waiter from kitchen when the dish is ready 
  • 1. The chef presses the wireless keypad to call the appropriate waiter’s pager when dishes are ready.
  • 2. Waiters are informed by pager via sound & vibration, which dish is ready for pickup.
  • 3.Customers press the call button to call the same pager to get help from waiters.

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We Provide More of What You Need

Aidbell success is to help you deliver a higher level of service with products that could coordinate to meet your required environment.

These innovative systems offer the benefits between staff efficiency and customer satisfaction with better communication, which will turn into your business asset.

Our technical support team will help you get the most out of your systems by maximizing system performance, design and after-sales support to install or maintain.

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