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Wireless Calling Systems & Wireless Paging Systems are designed for simplicity and aid faster service, making customers more comfortable.

This system comes with a variety of call buttons and wireless receiver choices to fit your restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, spas, manufacturing, parking lots and schools' needs. When customers need any help, they just need to press the waiter call buttons to ask for help freely.

In case of emergencies, the Aidbell Nurse Call System provides a quick option allowing patients to reach their nurses with the push of a button. Our system can be placed in different medical centers, like retirement homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, etc, to keep them in reach of patients at all times. Aidbell's innovative nurse call systems and healthcare communication solutions help improve care team collaboration, clinical workflows, and patient engagement.

Guest Paging System is an effective tool to boost communication and productivity in restaurants. The easy-to-use paging system can be set up in any place, and no need to use Wi-Fi or network service to work together. Guest paging systems can alert entire groups of people. When the order is ready, the staff can press the button on the keypad, notifying the appropriate person that they are holding the coaster pager.

As a bridge between nurses and patients, the Aidbell Wired Nurse Call System provides a direct phone call from patients to reach their nurses with the push of a button. 2 wired cabling supports full-duplex intercom with clear voice.

POCSAG (Post Office Code Standardisation Advisory Group) is a widely used paging protocol for wireless communication, suitable for healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and emergency services.

By enabling your staff to be more efficient and increase speed of service, the paging systems can improve communication between chefs and attendants for fast response in food delivery.

Wireless caregiver pager system enables the elderly & the disabled to call for help at home or in the facility. Our system provides instant & direct communication between aged people and caregivers.

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Exceptional Features & Highlights

  • Simple installation

  • No interference

  • Reliable transmission range coverage

  • Adequate stocks & rapid delivery

  • Long standby time

  • Long battery life

  • In-house manufacturing

  • Waterproof protection

  • 433 MHz spread spectrum technology

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Professional R&D Ability Supports Your Extra System Requirements

As a value-added manufacturer, we specialize in finding the perfect match between customer satisfaction and technology by utilizing R&D expertise.

High tech Chips designed for wireless calling system
  • Rapid Software Development Cycle

    Our senior researchers have good capacity for software development to make a range of customizations.

  • Innovative Appearance Design

    We can quickly react to changes in product overall design according to the industry environment.

  • Multiple Software Performance Choices

    The flexibility to offer functions at different performance levels, like customized voice call mode or number & letter displays.

  • High-tech Chips Advantages

    RF EV1527, STM8S series, STC MCU as chip adopted in Semiconductor Component, featuring a strong anti-interference, fast response and robustness in the actual application.

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At A Glance of Our Quality Testing

Oscilloscope Testing for wireless calling system

Oscilloscope Testing

With oscilloscope testing, the technician can quickly find out the breakdown cause.

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Ongoing Customer Supports

Become a Aidbell partner today to take advantage of many benefits we offer.

We are committed to building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with a full end-to-end service.

OEM & ODM Service

We provide logo printing, custom packaging & software management to meet your actual needs.

2-year Warranty

If products get damaged, we will send spare parts for you to repair or we will present you with a new product if the fault is serious.

Free Reserve Parts

Bulk purchase, big profits. We prepare over 2% of reserve parts for your replacement, and life-long consultation.

Legible Installation Guides

Product specification sheets, technical manuals and installation videos are ready for you to review.