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Wired Nurse Call System

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Wired Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems expand their capabilities beyond life safety provisions. Targeting improvement in patient satisfaction, staff communications and operational efficiencies.

To provide quick and easy communication between patients and nurses, Aidbell Wired Nurse Call System offers the efficient two-way intercom by easy 2 wires cabling.

This system allows patients from beside or toilet to press call points for help. Doctors and nurses can receive phone call at nurse station, and be notified by the alarm on Console panel / corridor display receiver / corridor light.

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Business Benefits:

  • Full-duplex intercom with clear voice without distortion
  • Call the nurses immediately for emergency assistance
  • Cost-effective & Efficient solution with 2 wired cabling

System Composition

Nurse call buttons:

To be installed near bedside or in toilet for patients to press for assistance.

Nurse Call Receiver:

Allow nurses to answer calls from patients to do two-way intercom, and be notified by the alarm on Console panel / Corridor light / Corridor display receiver / Single Line Telephone. Nurses can also call into patient room by telephone if needed.


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