Nurse Call Button EC-200CX/EC-200AX/EC-200NX/EC-200CB

  • EC 200CX 2
  • EC 200CB 3
  • EC 200AX 2
  • EC 200NX 3
  • EC 200CX 2
  • EC 200CB 3
  • EC 200AX 2
  • EC 200NX 3

Product Description

The Aidbell nurse call button is a crucial and easy-to-use device for patients to call nurses when they need assistance. It also allows doctors, nurses, and caregivers to call other medical staff for help.

The Aidbell medical alert button is designed for caregivers and care recipients, particularly seniors, patients, and the disabled. It is widely used in hospital patient rooms, senior living facilities, disabled nursing centers, and other healthcare settings.

Installation is simple: use screws or double-sided tape to secure it to a wall, desk, or bedside. Patients can easily press the call button to connect with Aidbell’s wireless nurse call system, including paging receivers, nurse pagers, and corridor lights, ensuring they receive immediate assistance.

Aidbell offers different color options and OEM production with customer logos. A low battery indicator function can also be added upon request.


Working Frequency 433.92MHZ
Electric Power +20dBm (100mw)
Working current 20mA
Working voltage 12V
Battery life Approx. calling 40,000 times
Transmission distance 300 m (open area)
Size 85 x 85 x 15mm
  • 2 keys nurse call button with Call button & Cancel button
  • 100% Waterproof nurse call button: Ensures reliability and durability in various environments
  • Silicon Printing for Different Usages:
    • EC-200CX: Red silicon for patients to call nurses.
    • EC-200NX: Green silicon for nurses to inform the Nurse Center that they have attended
    • EC-200AX: Yellow silicon for nurses to call the Nurse Center for help
    • EC-200CB: Blue silicon for Code Blue (emergency calling)
  • White Durable ABS Enclosure: Provides a sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Built-in Antenna: Ensures strong and reliable signal transmission
  • Installation: Can be wall-mounted or stuck on any surface for easy accessibility
  • Transmission distance: 300m in the open area and 2 KM with a signal repeater
  • Nurse call button package: 2pcs in one box