Get Help With FAQS

1Q: What is Wireless Nurse Call System?
Wireless Nurse Call System is an assisted living solution that allows patients to receive immediate assistance from caregivers during emergencies. When patients press the nurse call button, caregivers are alerted through a nurse watch, nurse pager, nurse call light, or wireless display.
2Q: Wired vs Wireless Nurse Call Systems?
Wired Nurse Call Systems offer high reliability and full-duplex communication but come with complicated installation, higher maintenance costs, and lower flexibility.
In contrast, Wireless Nurse Call Systems provide ease of installation, flexibility, scalability, and low maintenance costs, though they may face challenges with interference, connectivity, and security.
3Q: What are the benefits of Wireless Nurse Call System?
Wireless Nurse Call System is a cost-saving solution, easy to install, no needs wiring, works to enable doctor and nurse to respond promptly to patients' emergency callings, making patients feel relaxed and know that instant aid is on the way.
4Q: What industries can Wireless Calling System be installed?
Wireless Calling System is beneficial for all kinds of assisted living facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Moreover, can also be installed in the factory warehouses, electrical sub stations, schools, tunneling works, supermarkets, parking lots, mine, etc.
5Q: How many Wireless Nurse Call System manufacturers in China?
China has many manufacturers of Wireless Nurse Call System, including:
1. Aidbell from Fujian Calling-Tech Technology Co.,Ltd 2. Yarward Electronics Co.,Ltd 3. Hunan Beyond Medical Technology Co., Ltd 4. Dongguan MMCall Electronics Co., Ltd.
6Q: How does Wireless Nurse Call System work?
Wireless Nurse Call System includes nurse call buttons, nurse pagers, hospital call lights, and other wireless paging receivers. A call point is installed near the patient's bedside or in the bathroom. When the button is pressed, nursing staff are alerted by wireless receivers to respond immediately.
7Q: How to install Wireless Nurse Call System?
Wireless Nurse Call System requires no wiring and is a plug-and-play solution. Simply use screws or stickers to install the nurse call button on the wall. The Wireless Display can be hung at the nurse station or in the corridors. The nurse watch and nurse pager can be worn by healthcare staff. Settings are configured through free, high-efficiency nurse call software.
8Q: How many types of Nurse Call Systems?
Aidbell has four nurse call systems for hospitals.
1.Wired nurse call system
2.Wireless nurse call system with 433MHZ frequency
3.Wireless nurse call system with POCSAG technology
4.Wireless nurse call system with LORA technology