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1Q: How many devices can we use on Aidbell wireless nurse call system?
Aidbell wireless nurse call system can support 400 nurse call buttons in max, including:
patient call buttons, toilet call buttons, call lights, nurse pendants, signal repeaters, wireless door sensors, smoke detectors, bed pad alarm, chair pad alarm and etc.
2Q: I need Nurse call corridor lights, can your system do that?
Yes, our corridor lights provide different indicating colors, areas and ring-tones for different calling priorities :
1. Color: red, blue, white, green, light blue, purple, yellow
2. Status: flashing, static, alarm, mute
3. Installation: fasten on the wall via screws
4. Power: adaptor or Li-ion battery
3Q: How hard is Aidbell wireless nurse call system to program and set up?
Aidbell wireless nurse call is very simple to program, plug and play.
User manual and Video tutorials are provided to nurse call system set-up.
And Aidbell offers FREE programming service at customers’ request.
4Q: Why is wireless a better choice for us than wired nurse call systems?
Aidbell wireless nurse call system offers you easy upgrade, integration and customization with low labor cost.
No need to run all the expensive wires, conduit and electrical back-boxes which can be easily damaged or become obsolete.
Aidbell wireless call buttons can be easily stuck or screwed on the wall and easily moved elsewhere in the future if needed.
5Q: How does Aidbell surpass other Chinese nurse call manufacturers?
1. Low battery indication on nurse call buttons to remind staff to replace the battery.
2. Low battery indication on wireless receivers to indicate which call button's battery is low
3. Call priority settings with colors & ring tones reminder
4. Data copy & back-up function
5. Cost-effective
6Q: What unique features do Aidbell Management Software offer?
Aidbell Management software offers 3 types of calling views:
1) Display view 2) Layout view 3) Report view.
And it offers duty staffs information and the duty timetables to improve work.
PLUS, Aidbell software offers to insert your own floor map to see intuitively where the real-time calling is.
7Q: Can I check patient call reports and save them in PC?
Aidbell management software records when, where, who made nurse calls.
The nurse calling history can be exported to EXCEL file enabling staff to save in PC.
8Q: Will Aidbell wireless nurse call system be affected when other medical facilities break down?
No, Aidbell wireless nurse call system is stand-alone.
The faults of other external medical devices will not affect Aidbell wireless nurse call system.
9Q: How does Wireless calling system work?
1.Customers just press the call button when they need service.
2.Receiver will display the calling number with ring tones to notify the staffs to serve promptly.
10Q: What are the benefits of Wireless Calling System?
1. Reduce Staff Cost
2. Quick Service
3. Easy operation
4. Better Management
5. Increase Revenue