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Efficient Staff, Quality Work

Each factory is expected to improve plant efficiency and product quality. Factory owners are always searching for ways to manage fast and effective communication between workers and managers. Aidbell Wireless Calling System is exactly suitable for many industry requirements.

The appeal of this system lies in its simplicity in installation, cost effectiveness, and shortened lead time. Aidbell push-button devices help improve your operation response rates. Supervisors and maintenance crew communicate  more easily than when yelling over equipment noise, cutting back on wait-time, which greatly increases in production.


Solution 1:Wireless Calling System

1. The workers can press down call buttons installed on each work station when they need assistance.

2. The workshop manager goes to the work station to offer help when he/she gets the notification from the receiver.

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Aidbell success is to help you deliver a higher level of service with products that could coordinate to meet your required environment.

These innovative systems offer the benefits between staff efficiency and customer satisfaction with better communication, which will turn into your business asset.

Our technical support team will help you get the most out of your systems by maximizing system performance, design and after-sales support to install or maintain.

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