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Convenient Service Increases Patient Turnover

Optimizing patient flow is an integral part of providing effective patient care in clinics. Frequently, the uncertainty of how long it will take to wait is often the cause of queue anxiety. Consequently, clinics need to be aware of advantages communication technology can offer when looking at installing a new system.

Also, our Wireless Queuing System can provide those in the queue with up-to date estimated waiting times that can also help smooth the queuing experience. Would you like to choose a communication method that integrates new technologies and management systems? If so, it could help to facilitate a cost-effective future-proofing strategy.


Solution 1:Wireless Queue Calling System

For Nurses to call Patients when it is the turn of Patients

1. The patients take the number from the ticket dispenser and are free to find a seat to wait.

2. The patients get notified after the nurses press the sequence number to the keypad, which is shown on the display on the wall.

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Solution 2:Wireless Nurse Call System

For Patients to call Nurses if need any help

1. Whenever the patients need assistance, they can press the call button for help.

2. The nurse gets the message from the display and goes to the room to help.

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Solution 3:Wired Nurse Call System

For Patients to call nurse if need any help

1. When patients need any help, they can press the call button to talk with nurse.

2. The nurses could not only get the call from telephone but also via main console, and quickly know which room or bed needs help and go in for service.

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Solution 4:Guest Paging System

For Nurses to call Patients when it is the turn of Patients

1. Patients receive a coaster pager and take the seats as they like in clinic.

2. The nurses press the number on the keypad to alert the pager that patient is holding with vibration or flash or beep.

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