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Aidbell Wireless Nurse Calling System is popular in a lot of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, medical examination centers, elderly centers, assisted living facilities, health recovery centers, disability service centers, etc.

Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call Systems are based on 3 kinds of technology: 433mhz technology, POCSAG technology and LoRa technology, targets at different sizes nursing projects to meet the diverse care-giving requirements.

With a nurse call button beside the patients’ beds, caregivers’ assistance is on the way when they press the patient call button, so that the patients will feel relaxed lying on the bed to wait for the help.

There are many benefits of adopting Aidbell Wireless Patient Calling System. Take the busy hospitals as an example, it helps to increase nurses and doctors work effectiveness, providing timely care, improve the patients experience, build a great reputation, and also make a good communication relationship. For patients, they will definitely choose the best hospital with the greatest service.

By viewing the global installation cases of Aidbell Wireless Hospital Calling System, you will see a large number of medical projects like to spend the budget on this system to gain great advantages not only from staff working efficiency, but also from the patients’ experience.

Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call Button System has large scopes of products with different emergency levels to distinguish the diverse patients caring demands.

Contact us for a unique solution to give you a deeply impressed experience, the perfect communication between patients and nurse, and earn a great reputation for you to beat other competitors.

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