Code Blue Button PS-T601CB

  • Code blue button PS-T601CB
  • Code blue button PS-T601CB

Product Description

Aidbell offers a diverse range of nurse call buttons tailored to specific needs. These include the Emergency Call Button, Code Blue Button, Nurse Presence Button, Toilet Call Button, Bedside Call Button, and more. Each button serves a distinct function, ensuring comprehensive support for staff and patient needs in healthcare facilities.

Aidbell Code Blue Nurse Call Systems are highly favored in hospital ICUs, particularly for their capability to address the most urgent alert levels.

The PS-T601CB Code Blue Nurse Call Button offers nursing staff an immediate emergency solution. It features two keys: a blue “CODE” key and a green “CANCEL” key. In critical situations, nurses can activate the CODE key, automatically sending location and code blue alert level information to the Aidbell Pocsag Display Receiver and doctor pocsag pagers for swift response.

Additionally, the built-in call reassurance LED instantly indicates that urgent assistance is on the way.

The Code Blue Button Hospital Solution enhances both staff and patient care with its exceptional efficiency and reliability.


Working Frequency 420-470 Mhz
Electric Power +20dBm
Working Current 80mA
Working Voltage 3V
Transmission Distance 300 m (open area)
Size 86 x 86 x 16.5mm
  • 2 keys Code Blue button: blue “Code Blue” key & green “Cancel” key
  • With a power-off function to minimize battery drain during standby
  • Code Blue button with Low battery alert and calling success indication functions
  • Stable signal with strong anti-interference function
  • Equipped by 2pcs AAA batteries with over 5 years stand-by or 60000 times press
  • Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call System offers free configuration service
  • Aidbell Pocsag Receiver promptly indicates emergency calls upon receiving signals from the Code Blue button
  • Code Blue button can be installed on the wall-mounted or stuck on any surface
  • 2pcs Code Blue button PS-T601CB are packed in one box