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Better Service, Higher Profits

Hotels and resorts are customer centric businesses. Better service means higher profits. A happy customer is a potential returning customer. There’s always room for improvement!

Getting things done effectively and more easily can be as simple as deploying a new calling system. For managing guest experience, you can count on Aidbell solution. Our Wireless calling system gives your guest an easy way to call for assistance with just a push of a button. With multiple alerts, your guests can rest assured that every concern will be addressed in a timely manner.


Solution 1:Wireless Calling System

For Guests to call staffs if need any help 

1. Guests press the call button, the location number will be shown on the receiver.

2. Staff is able to figure that where the guest  is who needs service.

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Solution 2:Kitchen to Waiter Paging System

For chef to call waiter from kitchen when the dish is ready 

1. The chef presses the wireless keypad to call the appropriate waiter’s pager when dishes are ready.

2. Waiters are informed by pager via sound & vibration, which dish is ready for pickup.

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Solution 3:Wireless caregiver pager system

For Guests to call staffs if need any emergency help

1. Guests can press the call button if they need emergency help.

2. The message will be sent to Hotel service center immediately and the staff can communicate with guests via voice.

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We Provide More of What You Need

Aidbell success is to help you deliver a higher level of service with products that could coordinate to meet your required environment.

These innovative systems offer the benefits between staff efficiency and customer satisfaction with better communication, which will turn into your business asset.

Our technical support team will help you get the most out of your systems by maximizing system performance, design and after-sales support to install or maintain.

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