POCSAG Paging Transmitter PS-S950

  • Pocsag Paging Transmitter PS-S950
  • Pocsag Paging Transmitter PS-S950

Product Description

POCSAG Paging Transmitter PS-S950 stands as a vital solution designed to extend transmission signals effectively, allowing to amplify the communication range up to 2 KM in open spaces. This is crucial for large facilities where using wireless calling systems, and maintaining communication over long distances.

The paging transmitter offers an effortless plug-and-play setup, eliminating the need for complex programming. Install the transmitter in areas with weak signal coverage; it will receive signals from POCSAG call buttons and then amplify them to reach POCSAG wireless receivers.

The PS-S950 signal repeater is designed to complement Aidbell call buttons and wireless receivers, seamlessly boosting POCSAG signals to enhance communication reliability and coverage. Additionally, the PS-S950 features a wireless dongle that can connect directly to a PC’s USB port, allowing users to utilize the Aidbell management software. This provides real-time insights into calling data, improving the overall efficiency and responsiveness of communication systems.


Working Frequency 420-470 MHz
BPS : 512/1200/2400
Channel Spacing: 12.5/25KHZ
Working Voltage 7.5-12VDC
Output Power: 2W max
Working Current 30mA
Sensitivity <106dB
Dimensions 110 * 62 * 22mm (no ANT)
  • Amplifies POCSAG signals between nurse call buttons and wireless receivers
  • Works as a wireless dongle, connecting directly to a PC’s USB port to use the management software
  • Multiple POCSAG Paging transmitters ( signal repeaters) can work together in the same location without interference
  • Supports both RS232 port and USB connections with flexible usage
  • Integrates with customized software and systems using API protocols
  • POCSAG Paging transmitter has a suction cup antenna with a 2-meter cable for flexible installation
  • Easy installation – plug-and-play, no need for complicated programming
  • Long working range: up to 2 KM in the open area by using POCSAG Paging transmitter