Emergency Call Button PS-T602

  • emergency call button PS-T602
  • emergency call button PS-T602

Product Description

Aidbell Emergency Call Button PS-T602 is a POCSAG nurse call button equipped with a 1.2-meter push cord. It is widely used in toilets and bathrooms, particularly by the elderly, to request staff assistance or notify caregivers in case of a fall or an attempt to leave the assigned location.

Wireless Installation and Wall-Mounted: Aidbell emergency call button PS-T602 is a wireless device that can be easily mounted on walls using either screws or adhesive stickers, making it convenient to place in toilets and bathrooms. It simplifies installation by eliminating the need for cabling and re-wiring, making it ideal for updating old hospital wards or other healthcare centers.

1.2 Meter Long Push Cord: Provides easy access for users, allowing them to activate the call button even if they are unable to reach it directly. In an emergency, users can pull the cord to send a call signal. Emergency Call Button provides a simple and effective way for the elderly to request assistance.

Enhanced Safety: The POCSAG signal is sent to caregivers’ watches, pagers, or corridor displays, indicating which room requires assistance. Helps prevent accidents by ensuring that caregivers are quickly alerted when a patient needs help.

The Aidbell Emergency Call Button PS-T602 is a vital tool in enhancing patient safety and caregiver response times, particularly in areas where accidents are more likely to occur.This device ensures that patients can quickly and efficiently signal for staff assistance, enhancing safety and response times in medical or care environments.


Working Frequency 420-470 Mhz
Electric Power +20dBm
Working Current 80mA
Working Voltage 3V
Transmission Distance 300 m (open area)
Size 86 x 86 x 16.5mm
  • 2 keys emergency call button: Call button with bathroom pull cord & Cancel button
  • Equipped with a 1.2-meter pull cord for patients to call easily in toilets and bathrooms
  • Features low battery alert and calling success indication of wireless nurse call system
  • Provides a stable signal with a strong anti-interference function
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries, offering over 5 years of standby time or up to 60,000 presses
  • Free technical and programming support for the life of wireless nurse call system
  • Pre-configuration is available at no charge
  • Can be mounted on any surface using screws or double-sided adhesive
  • 2pcs nurse call button PS-T602 are packed in one box