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Make the Shopping Experience More Enjoyable

In retail, offering your staff the ability to attend to customer needs quickly not only increases customer satisfaction, but also improves productivity. So it’s important to allow your customers to call for assistance easily, as soon as they need it.

Aidbell offers the best solution for supermarkets to meet the demands with the Wireless Calling System. It’s designed to make requesting support simple. Just push for service and transmitters send notifications with a simple press of a button. You can choose products according to your actual demands and decoration style. Improving communication helps run your business efficiently.


Solution 1:Wireless Calling System

1. When a customer needs assistance, they can press the call button to instantly notify a staff member.

2. The information board will display the number of the department in the store that the call came from, and the staff go for help.

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Aidbell success is to help you deliver a higher level of service with products that could coordinate to meet your required environment.

These innovative systems offer the benefits between staff efficiency and customer satisfaction with better communication, which will turn into your business asset.

Our technical support team will help you get the most out of your systems by maximizing system performance, design and after-sales support to install or maintain.

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