POCSAG Paging Receiver PS-R810

  • Pocsag Paging Receiver PS-R810
  • Pocsag Paging Receiver PS-R810

Product Description

The POCSAG Paging Receiver PS-R810 is the upgraded version of the POCSAG Display PS-R800. The key difference is that the PS-R810 can display three dot-matrix colors: red, green, and yellow. End users can use different colors to distinguish calls from various areas or service types. For example, green can represent calls from patient call bells, while red can indicate calls from toilets or bathrooms.

The Paging Receiver displays calling information with service types triggered by Aidbell caregiver call buttons. It can show two groups of calls simultaneously, with a maximum of 16 letters for each group, and displays the current time and date when on standby. The Paging Receiver can continuously display pending calling information until they are canceled. Nurses or caregivers can see the number of pending calls on the POCSAG display, allowing them to assist patients as quickly as possible.

The POCSAG Paging Receiver PS-R810 offers various ringtones for nurses and caregivers to choose from. For low-level calls, it broadcasts a soft ringtone, while for high-emergency-level calls, it broadcasts an urgent ringtone. This feature is crucial for nurse call systems, as it helps nurses and caregivers distinguish the urgency of calls through the ringtones.

The Paging Receiver PS-R810 plays a crucial role in the Wireless Nurse Call System, making the system functional and flexible to meet the needs of healthcare staff.


Working frequency 420-470MHz
Working voltage DC5V4A
Working Current 30mA
Audio output 2W
Sensitivity 106dB
Dimension 650 x 168 x 32mm
  • Display three dot-matrix colors: red, green, and yellow to indicate different calling information and service types
  • Display 1 or 2 groups of calling information from POCSAG nurse call bells at the same time
  • Display pending call information from POCSAG nurse call bells in a queue until the call is canceled
  • Wireless programming procedure for nurse call bells settings (400 pcs nurse call bells in max)
  • Configure each nurse call bell  with up to 16 characters, including numbers and letters with red, green, or yellow color
  • Customizable medical alerts allow assigning different ringtones in MP3 format which can be downloaded from your PC
  • POCSAG Display works as a large digital clock to display the current time and date when stand-by
  • Can copy the configurations from one receiver/pagers to other receivers/pagers to avoid repeated setting work
  • PC Integration via Aidbell software to effortlessly manage all calling information from nurse call bells
  • Offer API protocols to integrate customized software and systems seamlessly
  • Support Low battery alert and calling success indication for wireless nurse call system
  • Multi-language Support: English, Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Slovenia, Hebrew, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Korean, French, Chinese etc
  • The double-sided display version is available as an optional addition to the wireless nurse call system