POCSAG Display PS-R800

  • Wireless display receiver PS-R800
  • Wireless display receiver PS-R800

Product Description

Aidbell POCSAG Display PS-R800 is the best-selling wireless receiver for Nurse Call system. It displays the complete calling information triggered by Aidbell nurse call buttons. POCSAG Display can show 16 letters in max for each line, with enough space to show the calling numbers that end-users need. And it works as a digital clock when stand-by.

The POCSAG display offers sound options that support customizable ringtones using MP3 audio files. Additionally, the volume of the reminder ringtone can automatically adjust from day to night. This feature is crucial for nurse call systems, as it ensures that patients are not disturbed during the night when other patients call for assistance. The display receiver provides clear voice prompts and sound, ensuring efficient communication between patients and caregivers. Different calling levels can be set with distinct ringtones, allowing nurses and caregivers to easily distinguish the emergency levels of each call.

Aidbell Management Software of POCSAG Display PS-R800 allows for easy configuration of nurse call buttons, supporting the input of complicated calling numbers via computer. Unlike other wireless nurse call systems, there is no need to use a remote control for these settings.

This POCSAG Wireless Nurse Call System is ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, personal clinics, and assisted-living facilities.


Working frequency 420-470MHz
Working voltage DC5V3A
Working Current 30mA
Audio output 2W
Sensitivity 106dB
Dimension 650 x 168 x 32mm
  • Displays 1 or 2 groups of calling numbers simultaneously, which is triggered by POCSAG nurse call buttons
  • Wireless programming procedure for call buttons settings(400 pcs nurse call buttons in max)
  • Names each call button with up to 16 characters, including letters and numbers
  • Customizable medical alerts allow assigning different ringtones and colors to each nurse call button
  • POCSAG Display works as a large digital clock to display the current time and date when stand-by
  • Connect with PC via Aidbell software to manage all the calling information from nurse call buttons
  • Can copy the configurations from one receiver/pagers to other receivers/pagers to avoid repeated setting work
  • Low battery indication when working with call buttons with a Low battery indication function
  • Multi-language Support: English, Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Slovenia, Hebrew, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Korean, French, Chinese etc
  • The double-sided display version is available as an optional addition