Medical Pager EC-680P

  • EC 680P Pin
  • EC 680P 1 1
  • EC 680P 2 1
  • Wrist Pager Receiver
  • Caregiver Wireless Pager
  • EC 680P Pin
  • EC 680P 1 1
  • EC 680P 2 1
  • Wrist Pager Receiver
  • Caregiver Wireless Pager

Product Description

Aidbell Medical Pager EC-680P is an essential communication tool used in healthcare settings. Most hospitals don’t allow nurses to wear watch-type receivers or use mobile phones while on duty. The Medical Pager EC-680P is designed to address this issue.

Nurses can pin it to their uniforms like a standard nurse clock, and it will sound and vibrate when calls are received. It can also function as an SOS call button to instantly contact other Aidbell wireless receivers for assistance in emergencies.

Medical Pager EC-680P supports English, Spanish, French, and Polish, making it suitable for worldwide sales.


Working frequency 433MHZ
Working voltage 3.3V DC
Working current <5mA
Power chargeable 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Receiving distance 300 meter (open area)
Dimension 40(W)x45(H)x14(D)mm (Strap is not included)
  • OLED display with touch screen operation ( Working life: 50,000 touches )
  • Medical Pager EC-680P is designed to be pinned on Nurse’s uniform to receive callings at anytime & anywhere
  • Patent design : Copy function between 2 watches or watch & PC
  • Works with 400pcs of call buttons in Max and stores up to 99 calling records
  • Pat Medical Pager EC-680P surface to trigger calling to other Aidbell Wireless receivers when in emergency
  • Different service types are available: CALL, SOS, AID, ORDER, DRINK, WATER, PARK and etc
  • Easy to be informed via reminder sound & vibration
  • Support different languages: English/Spanish/French/Polish
  • Display 3 calling records with service type, calling time & repeat times
  • Easy to assemble watch belt or pin belt  and easy to replace battery
  • Rechargeable  3.7V Li-ion battery with 48 hours working time
  • Two colors are available: Black & White