Long Range Signal Repeater EC-920S

  • EC 920S
  • EC 920S

Product Description

Advanced Wireless signal repeater EC-920S is the devices to extend the wireless transmission for long range, especially for buildings.
Sub EC-920S will transfer the signal to Higher level EC-920S and finally transfer to master EC-920S to achieve long-range transmission.
It is a professional individual wireless signal repeater for working with Aidbell Wireless calling system. It’s with external antenna for better signal receiving and transmitting.


Working frequency 433MHZ
Working voltage 12V DC 
Working current <2A
Sensitivity <120dB
Working distance 2000 meter (open area)
Dimension 175 x 125 x 30 mm
  • Boosting all signal from call button to receiver among different buildings
  • Multi Signal repeaters can work together in one place, no interfere
  • Extends transmission distance (open area: up to 10km)
  • Require at least 2 pcs EC-920S to work as a group