Dot-Matrix Wireless Receiver EC-400RD

  • EC 400RD
  • EC 400RD 2
  • CT A805 1
  • PC based wireless receiver
  • EC 400RD
  • EC 400RD 2
  • CT A805 1
  • PC based wireless receiver

Product Description

Aidbell Dot-Matrix(red color) Wireless Receiver EC-400RD with advanced communication features, which enables integration with nurse call buttons, wireless corridor light, and Aidbell management software.

It can work with Nurse call buttons EC-200CX/EC-200AX/EC-200NX/EC-200CB to show 1/2/4 groups of calling information at one screen.

As a cost-effective solution and simple operation, this system can be configured to meet the needs of all spectrum of healthcare facilities.


Working frequency 433MHZ
Working voltage DC9V
Working Current ≤1A
Audio output 1W
Sensitivity ≥-100dB

535x 158 x 40 mm

  • Dot-Matrix Display(red color) with 7 ringing tones available
  • Able to show 1 or 2 or 4 groups of calling numbers at one time
  • Name with 8 digits Letter & number in max for each call button
  • Connect with PC via Aidbell software to manage all the calling information
  • With copy function to copy data & setting to other EC-400RD
  • Work with 400 pcs call buttons(max)
  • Support remote control to cancel calling information and set functions
  • Able to show different service type with special symbol settings
  • Low battery indication when works with call buttons with Low battery indication function