• POCSAG Pager PS-R860W
  • POCSAG Pager PS-R860W

Product Description

POCSAG Pager PS-R860W plays a crucial role in Wireless Nurse Call System, ensuring timely responses to patient needs and streamlining the delivery of medical services. Hospital nurses and doctors rely heavily on these mobile POCSAG Pagers to enhance communication. By wearing POCSAG Pager, healthcare staff can seamlessly receive calls from patients in emergencies and colleagues requiring additional medical support.

This real-time communication capability is invaluable in promptly addressing patient concerns and efficiently coordinating medical assistance. Aidbell POCSAG pagers are equipped with sound and vibration reminders, ensuring that healthcare providers never overlook critical alerts. This reliability not only enhances patient care but also contributes to the overall effectiveness of medical teams, potentially saving lives.

POCSAG Pager PS-R860W is a waterproof watch receiver designed to resist water damage, which can significantly extend its lifespan. Nurses need to wash their hands frequently, and a waterproof watch pager ensures that it is not damaged by repeated exposure to water and soap. This durability ensures that POCSAG pager remains functional and aesthetically pleasing even after exposure to water.

Overall, the combination of real-time communication, durability, and ease of cleaning make waterproof POCSAG Pager PS-R860W an excellent choice for nurses.


Working Frequency 420MHZ – 470MHZ
Working Voltage 3.7V DC
Working Current 0.3mA
Power 500mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery
Sensitivity 104dB
Working Distance 300 meters (open area)
Dimensions 41 x 45 x17 mm
  • Direct Functionality: POCSAG Pager works directly with nurse call buttons, eliminating the need for additional devices
  • Easy Programming: Can be programmed via a PC using a USB programming cable
  • Copy Function: Enables quick data and setting transfer to other displays or POCSAG pagers
  • Emergency Call Button: Functions as an emergency call button to instantly notify other POCSAG pagers or paging receivers
  • Notifications: Features low battery alerts and calling success indications
  • Call Cancellation: Allows cancellation of incoming calls on other watch receivers and pagers
  • Stand-by Display: Shows the current time and remaining battery capacity when on standby
  • Call History: Stores the last 40 calls and allows scrolling up and down to view calling history
  • Range Alerts: Provides out-of-range alerts and indicates pending messages
  • Multi-Language Support: Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Slovenian, Hebrew, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Korean, French, Chinese, etc
  • Wireless Programming: Allows wireless programming for call button settings, supporting up to 400 call buttons
  • Alert Modes: Offers sound, vibration, LED indication, and mute alert modes
  • Detailed Display: Displays one call number with the service type and calling time & date when the call is triggered by nurse call buttons