Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call System for the Healthcare Sector


Emergencies and critical situations are the norms of every healthcare facility. Hospitals must be equipped with a high-grade wireless nurse call system to call the nursing staff immediately for aid. This is because nursing staff tends to provide the utmost assistance and support to the patients in the event of an emergency. Whether it is an expensive corporate hospital or a small-scale medical facility, effective communication is the key to cater to the needs of the patients and to handle urgent situations.

Innovative Contributions Of Nurse Call Manufacturers

Mindful of the importance of voice communication in a hospital setting different companies have introduced high-tech portable nurse call systems that have the attributes of wireless capability and are IP-based. The contemporary nurse call systems come with session initiation protocols (SIP) and voice over internet connections for effective and audible medical communications.

Flawless Systems For Nurse Call Systems For Hospitals

Collection of error-free data is the need of the era we are living in and the best nurse call systems can record the date and time of the aid signals made by patients. This ensures that the element of negligence is ousted in a demanding environment where missing a signal can cost someone their life.

One of the leading manufacturers Aidbell has introduced a technologically evolved version of a nurse call system that has call management software. They know that wireless networking devices are a growing trend in the healthcare sector.

Aidbell wireless call systems are plug-to-play solutions. The patient call buttons allow the patients to call the nurses from anywhere in the hospital; whether inside the room, lying on the bed, or even if he/she requires help in the toilet. Doctors and nursing staff will be notified of the call by multiple alarm receiving devices such as a wireless pendant receiver, a nurse call dome light, or a display receiver at the nurse station.

System Framework & Configuration

Aidbell wireless nurse call system has three components: nurse call buttons, wireless receivers, and signal repeaters.

1) Nurse call buttons

Aidbell offers a variety of emergency call buttons that are easy to press and send immediate alarms for help. These buttons are available for purchase in the following design depending on the customers’ or hospital’s needs and requirements.

a) 2 key nurse call buttons: Call & Cancel –  EC-200CX is cordless and can be mounted on the wall near the patient’s beds using screws or stickers. There are a Call key and a Cancel Key on the nurse call button, which is very easy for patients to make a call or cancel an incorrect call.

b) Emergency pull cords – EC-220PT is installed in the patient’s rooms or bathrooms. Simply press the big red button or pull the cord to make fast calls, and cancel the signal via the cancel key on the nurse call button.

c) 2 key nurse call buttons with a handset – EC-220PH comes with the same features. The only difference is that a 2-meter spiral telephone cable is attached to a handset for an easy press. You can call for help from a distance of two meters.

d) Pendant  – can be worn by patients. You can attach these pendants at the neckline of the patient’s gown or pin it to their suits. Charge it once and you can use it for six months.

e) Watch – patients including children and the elderly can greatly benefit from this device design because they will have it around their wrist and this reduces the risk of dropping the alarm device preventing unfortunate situations that can be a consequence of a signal device out of reach.


The following features are common in all the above-mentioned devices.

  • The nurse call buttons allow the elderly, sick people, and their attendants to call nurses whenever the need arises.
  • Buttons are available in different colors with the company’s logo on them.
  • The low battery indication system can be added to the equipment. 
  • The button comes with a call and cancel function therefore you can cancel the call once you are satisfied that your problem is resolved.
  • These buttons are 100% waterproof, a feature that enhances their efficiency and life. The transmission distance is an ideal range of 300 meters in the open space.
  • The powerful battery allows patients to make 40000 calls and this makes the device economical because the hospital budget will not be drained by frequent battery replacements.

2) Wireless Receiver

A calling system without a receiver is obviously without purpose and reason. The Aidbell brand strives to provide innovative devices that can address all situations in a healthcare facility. The receivers are available in the following designs:

a)  Dot Matrix Wireless Receiver – a wireless receiver is a display unit that is installed or assembled at a nurse call station.

b) Wireless corridor light – employs highly visible LED flashes to indicate calls. It can be installed outside the doors and in the corridor so that if a doctor or nurse is passing by he/she would know who is calling for and where to find them.

c) Nurse Watch & Pendant Receiver – both are wearable by doctors and nurses and allow mobility as the nurse will be notified of different emergency calls without constantly lingering in the nurse station.


  • No wires or codes required as the receiving device is based on the easy plug and play concept and can be used without any hassle.
  • The volume of the receivers can be adjusted to high, medium, and low and has a high volume output ranging from 30-120 dB. Perfect to detect signals even in noisy spaces.
  • The management software is available for the device that can be customized to PC support receivers.
  • A wireless receiver is a display unit that is installed or assembled at a nurse call station.
  • The receiver has a wireless programming procedure that is used to connect the buttons and maintain the settings of the functions of the buttons.
  • Each receiver can display up to three or four calls at the same time from different patients.
  • Nurses can distinguish calls from one another with a  seven-color dot Matrix code available for the purpose.
  • You can also assign different ringtones to the various patients as the receiver or display unit is equipped with seven unique ringtones.
  • To keep track of the recorded signals you can use the special Aidbell software that can transfer all the calling information from the display unit to the personal computer allowing you to manage the data expeditiously.
  • In case a nurse is busy attending another patient she need not worry about missing an important emergency signal requiring aid because the display unit continues to display the running message and the time of the signal even if the receiver is at stand-by.
  • The message call can be canceled by the nurse at a nursing station using a remote controller that is an important constituent of the receiver allowing her to reset the functions and signal display.

3) Repeater

The signal repeaters are another constituent of the paging system and it allows undisturbed signal transmission over a long distance. The variety is large for this particular device as well. To put it succinctly the most important alarms are mentioned including:

Smoke Detector – if there is smoke in the patient’s room alerts are sent automatically over a large distance with a shrill ringtone to inform the nursing station of the grave scenario.

Signal Repeater – the device boosts signal transmission extending it over an area of 3000 meters without letting signals to be distorted.

Cordless Bed Pad Alarm – This alarm only sounds outside the patient’s room. Hence notifies the nurses that the patient is awake without disturbing the peace.

The features of these devices complement each other’s functions greatly for a smooth and streamlined communication that is easy on your budget.

Who Should Invest?

The nurse pagers are a unique and extremely efficient device perfect for an array of professional healthcare facilities. May it be a rehabilitation center, assisted living facility, a clinic, or a hospital providing tertiary care; a patient call system is an indispensable investment. Moreover, the individuals who hire a personal nurse to care for their patients in a private setting should invest in a nurse call system for assisted living.

Wireless Nurse Call Systems – FAQs

How does a nurse call system work?

Wireless Nurse Call System Diagram

The contemporary nurse call systems are technologically up-graded versions of the “ring bell system.” The call system works using a remote controller and display units. The display units are assembled at the nurse station while patients have call buttons with them. When they need to call the nurse they press the button to send signals. The receiver at the nurse station will notify the corresponding patient by flashing the number assigned to the patient’s bed. The nurse presses the cancel button after attending to the patient.

What is the best nurse call system?

Initially afforded by corporate hospitals only, nurse call systems have become an essential device in every hospital. Aidbell.com is a leading manufacturer in the medical communication industry. Their top-notch nurse call systems are budget-friendly, economical, and standardized. Furthermore, they are wireless, need no future maintenance cost, and are designed to meet the needs of every healthcare facility.