Nurse Call Light PS-R850L

  • Nurse Call Light PS-R850L
  • Nurse Call Light PS-R850L

Product Description

Nurse Call Light PS-R850L is an essential component of the Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call System, designed to ensure effective communication between patients and healthcare staff. This system allows patients to easily request assistance, alerting nurses to their needs or emergencies without having to leave their beds. Healthcare staff can receive these alerts through both visual and auditory signals, helping them to quickly identify and respond to different types of assistance required by patients.

Nurse Call Light PS-R850L is easy to install and set up. Unlike the traditional wired nurse call system, the Aidbell nurse call light does not require complicated wiring. This makes it adaptable to various facility layouts and allows for easy reconfiguration for old healthcare facilities. The wireless nurse call light system facilitates quick deployment, minimizing installation time and patient disruption.

Nurse Call Light PS-R850L can display seven colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple, and Orange. This feature allows for clear and distinct visual indicators for various alerts. The nurse call light can be set to show one color or a combination of up to three colors to indicate different calling areas or types. For instance, blue might indicate a “CODE BLUE” emergency, while yellow could indicate “NURSE PRESENCE.”

Typically installed above doorways, in corridors, or outside patient rooms, Aidbell wireless nurse call lights to ensure that emergency calls are obvious to nurses or caregivers, promoting rapid response times. The ability to distinguish between various ringtones further enables nurses or caregivers to quickly and accurately respond to different alerts.

Nurse Call Light PS-R850L’s design and functionality make it an ideal solution for enhancing patient care in diverse healthcare settings, including Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, etc.


Working frequency 420-470Mhz
Working voltage 5VDC
Working current 1mA
Sensitivity -104DB 1200bps
Working distance 300 meters (open area)
Dimensions 85*85*60 mm
  • Direct Functionality: Nurse Call Light PS-R850L works directly with nurse call buttons, reducing the need for additional devices and lowering costs
  • Power: Can be powered by a 5VDC adaptor and equipped with an 18650 rechargeable battery to ensure functionality during power outages and uninterrupted service
  • Copy Function: Enables quick data and setting transfer to other paging receivers, Alphanumeric Pagers, or  nurse call lights
  • Alert Modes: Nurse Call Light PS-R850L  offers sound alert, color indication, and mute alert modes
  • Multi-Color Options: Nurse Call Light PS-R850L displays up to three colors simultaneously from 7 colors —Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple, and Orange
  • Customizable Alerts: Assign different ringtones and colors to each nurse call button, ensuring nurses can easily distinguish different emergencies
  • Signal Repeater Functionality: Acts as a signal repeater to extend the coverage area throughout the facility, ensuring reliable communication in larger healthcare facilities
  • Flexible Configuration: Allows for easy adjustment of ringtones, alarm settings, and light display times via software, providing a customizable and adaptable nurse alert system
  • Wireless Programming: Supports wireless programming of nurse call buttons(up to 400), streamlining the installation and configuration process.