Nurse Call Push Button EC-440CX

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  • Nurse Call Button

Product Description

Nurse Call Push Button EC-440CX is a 4-in-1 solution for wireless nurse call systems, featuring four keys: CALL, CODE BLUE, NURSE PRESENCE, and CANCEL. By installing a single Nurse Call Button EC-440CX, you can achieve multiple functions, reducing the costs associated with purchasing separate buttons like the Code Blue Button EC-200CB and Nurse Presence Button EC-200NP. It is typically installed near the patient bedside, making it easy for both patients and nurses to press.

Why Do You Need 4-in-1 Nurse Call Buttons?

Multi-Functionality: Combining four keys—CALL, CODE BLUE, NURSE PRESENCE, and CANCEL—into a single nurse call button avoids repeated settings and installations for other separate signal buttons, significantly saving labor costs.

Budget-Friendly: By reducing the need to buy separate nurse call buttons to achieve multiple functions, the 4-in-1 call button EC-440CX is ideal for healthcare facilities with limited budgets.

Easy Installation: EC-440CX can be easily mounted on the wall near the patient’s bedside using screws or adhesive stickers. Installing one EC-440CX provides four types of call functions in a single device for Wireless Nurse Call System.

Ergonomic Design: Featuring large silicon pads for easy pressing and fast calling, the nurse call button can also be paired with a pull cord or patient handset to meet hospital requirements for nurse call systems.



Working Frequency 433 Mhz
Electric Power +20dBm
Working Current 80mA
Working Voltage 12V23A battery
Transmission Distance 200 m (open area)
Size 116(W) x 89(H) x 30(D)mm
  • Wireless 4-in-1 nurse call button EC-440CX supports multiple functions including Call, Blue Code, Nurse Presence and Cancel
  • Different colors of silicon pad to distinguish different service types:
    Red call button: for patients to call nurses
    Green cancel button: for nurses to cancel the callings when they have attended
    Yellow Nurse Presence call button: for nurses to call Nurse Center for help
    Code Blue call button: for nurses to call Code Blue to do emergency call
  • Nurse call button with a low Battery Alert to notify when the battery is running low
  • Flexibility of Software Configuration to allow setting of 4 service types of the nurse call buttons
  • Independent Operation that each key can work as a separate call button, targeting different pagers or receivers
  • Equipped with 1pcs 12V23A Battery batteries, supporting over 1 years of lifespan
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call System
  • Offer pre-configuration service without any cost
  • Nurse call button can be flush mountable or stuck on any surface
  • 1pcs nurse call button EC-440CX is packed in one box