Nurse Call Display PS-R820

  • Nurse Call Display PS-R820
  • Nurse Call Display PS-R820

Product Description

Nurse Call Display PS-R820 is a compact, cost-effective, and user-friendly version of the popular PS-R800 wireless receiver designed for nurse call systems. While PS-R800 offers a 16-digit display, PS-R820 simplifies functionality by displaying only 8 digits. This reduction in display size does not compromise the essential features, making the PS-R820 an ideal choice for facilities looking for a smart and affordable nurse call display that is easy to install and operate. The streamlined design of the PS-R820 meets the essential requirements for efficient communication in healthcare settings, ensuring that nurses and caregivers can respond promptly to patient needs.

It displays the complete calling information triggered by Aidbell nurse call buttons. Nurse call display can show 8 letters in max for each line, with enough space to show the calling numbers that end-users need. And it works as a digital clock to show the current time and date when stand-by.

Nurse Call Display PS-R820 Supports MP3 audio files for ringtones, allowing customization to suit different environments or preferences. Volume adjusts automatically from day to night, minimizing patient disturbances during nighttime while ensuring alerts remain audible. Nurse Call Display PS-R820 has distinct ringtones for different Call Levels allowing for easy identification of emergency levels, helping caregivers prioritize and respond appropriately.

Nurse Call Display PS-R820 supports easy configuration with Aidbell Management Software, no remote control is needed. And enables input of detailed calling numbers, enhancing the system’s flexibility and utility.


Working frequency 420-470MHz
Working voltage DC5V3A
Working Current 30mA
Audio output 2W
Sensitivity 106dB
Dimension 345 x 168 x 32mm
  • Nurse Call Display PS-R820 is a compact, cost-effective, and user-friendly alternative to the POCSAG display PS-R800
  • Displays 1 or 2 groups of calling numbers simultaneously, which is triggered by POCSAG nurse call buttons
  • Wireless programming procedure for call buttons settings(400 pcs nurse call buttons in max)
  • Configure each nurse call bell with up to 8 characters, including numbers and letters
  • Support voice broadcast and DIY ringtones with MP3 audio files
  • The nurse call display works as an LED clock to display the current time and date when stand-by
  • The copy function of nurse call display enables quick data & setting transfer to other displays or pagers
  • Customizable medical alerts allow assigning different ringtones and colors to each nurse call button
  • Connect with PC via Aidbell software to manage all the calling information from nurse call buttons
  • Low battery indication when working with call buttons with a Low battery indication function
  • Multi-language Support: English, Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Slovenia, Hebrew, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Korean, French, Chinese etc
  • The double-sided display version is available as an optional addition