Relay Module EC-W100C

  • EC W100C 1
  • Aidbell Wired Nurse Call System 副本
  • EC W100C 1
  • Aidbell Wired Nurse Call System 副本

Product Description

Connect with Patient-call extensions and Single Line Telephone to do two-way intercom between patients and nurses.

Nurses can call back patients via dialing patients’ room numbers.


Power 24V3A ( No need other UPS power )
Working current <200mA
Dimensions 200 x 130 x 40mm 
  • Easy 2-wire cabling between Single Line Telephone and Extensions
  • Support Full-duplex 2 way intercom between patients and nurses
  • Can do clear intercom via Single Line Telephone
  • Work with 200pcs extensions in max, suitable for small hospitals or clinics
  • Can show the coming calls clearly on the telephone screen
  • Can trace calling history up and down on the telephone screen
  • Nurses can call patients back when they missed the callings from patients