Patient Call Button EC-W220PH

  • Nurse call button
  • Patient handset
  • Aidbell nurse call system
  • Nurse call button
  • Patient handset
  • Aidbell nurse call system

Product Description

Patient Call Button with handset EC-W220PH is an essential component of the Wired Nurse Call System, placed near the bedside in patient rooms. It supports a two-way intercom between nurses and patients, allowing patients or their families to communicate directly with nurses about their needs. This eliminates the need to run to the nurse station for face-to-face conversations, saving valuable time in providing aid. With its hands-free design, the Patient Call Button EC-W220PH offers added convenience for patients who are weak and caregivers who are busy.

Use screws or double-sided sticker to fix on the wall. We offer customized colors & printing with logo.


Cables Twisted pair wires
Installation Flush mountable / stick on any surface
Package 1 pcs per box
Size 85 x 85 x 15mm (Panel)
43 x 85 x 15mm (Handset)
  • Patient bedside call button with two-way intercom & cancel function
  • Can make easy callings from Panel & Handset
  • Hands-free communication to talk with nurse
  • Call Main Console Panel EC-W40R & telephone at nurse station
  • Support call-back from nurse station via telephone
  • High quality voice without distortion
  • Powered by Main Console Panel EC-W40R
  • Red push button with sign
  • 100% waterproof with 2-meter spiral telephone cable