5 Best Paging Systems for Restaurants


Paging systems can be used to bring orders into a restaurant. These systems have become critical in the past few months, thanks to social distancing requirements due to COVID.

Restaurant paging systems combine different systems that work together to bring orders into a restaurant. The first system is the customer paging system which allows the host to notify a guest when their table is ready.

The second system is the staff paging system which allows staff to communicate with each other. For instance, a server can call the kitchen staff to communicate a customer’s order.

The third system allows customers to call wait staff when they need something. These systems help to reduce noise or inconvenience during dining. Therefore, instead of a customer shouting to get the attention of a server, they can discretely press a button and the staff is notified that a certain table needs assistance.

Before we look at some of the best restaurant pagers, let’s look at a few factors you should consider when choosing a paging system for your restaurant.

Transmission range

Buy a restaurant paging system with a long transmission range of at least 200 meters. It’s even better if you can find one that offers an expandable transmission range.  

Quantity of pagers in a set

Different brands of restaurant pagers come with several pagers in one set. Choose one which fits your restaurant. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer to check whether they have customized offers.

Battery power

You need to choose pager systems with a long battery life that are rechargeable to serve your restaurant for longer.

Here are some of the best restaurant paging systems:

1. Aidbell Restaurant Pager System

Aidbell manufactures restaurant paging systems to serve various communication needs that restaurants and food establishments have.

Aidbell’s restaurant pagers come with several interesting features including

  • Wide coverage (about 500 meters in an open area)
  • High-quality batteries with a life of several hours when charged
  • Out-of-range alerts for when the pager gets out of the working range
  • Unique anti-interference capabilities when working neat other systems
  • Easy to use pagers
  • Low battery notification when the pager needs charging

Their restaurant pagers include:

Kitchen calling system

The kitchen to waiter paging system is designed to allow restaurant chefs to communicate with servers when a customer’s dish is ready. The system allows chefs to quickly notify the right server when food is ready for pickup, resulting in higher efficiency and better customer service.

The Kitchen to Waiter paging system consists of several components including a kitchen calling keypad, a watch receiver, an FM signal repeater, and a Key call button.

Guest paging system

The guest paging system streamlines the order process. With this pager, restaurants can easily reduce noise and congestion. This paging system can be customized with your logo. The system is also rechargeable, allowing you to have enough devices to communicate with your customers.

Aidbell has several guest paging systems:

  • The CT-P520 System has a working frequency of 433 MHZ and a transmission distance of 2000 meters in an open area. The pager notifies guests that their food is ready through a flash or vibration. The pager also comes with out-of-range alerts.
  • The CT-P531 System consists of a wireless keypad, a coast pager, a wireless display, and a pager charger.
  • The CT-P540 System consists of a 2in1 wireless keypad/charger and 18 guest pagers.

2. Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

The Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System is a cost-efficient, flexible, and easy-to-use restaurant paging system.

The Pagertec system is easy to program and customize. You can customize pagers to show your logo or display the specials and offers for each day.

The pager also comes with a notification system to alert your customers when their table or food is ready. This way, you reduce the stress both your customers and staff experience, particularly during busy days.

The pagers come with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime technical support. The thirty-day money-back guarantee gives you enough time to test the pager and access technical support in case you experience any challenges during operation.

The pager has a range of up to 2-miles. They will last up to 48-hours on a full charge. The pager also has a notification system that alerts the customer when they leave the coverage area. In addition, you get a location tracking feature in case someone steals the pager.

The pager also comes with a silent mode where you can use flashing lights instead of sounds to alert your customers or staff.  

3. Pager Genius 10 Pager System

The Pager Genius 10 Pager System is designed to reduce noise and improve customer experience. The pager comes with flashing lights and beeper notification systems to make it easier for communication between staff and customers.

The Pager Genius 10 Pager System is an easy-to-use system with a simple setup. The system is rechargeable and comes with a two-year warranty.

The system has a half-mile range, which is considerably shorter than most systems, but you can purchase a range extender if you need longer coverage. The pagers also have discrete notification systems to reduce noise.

4. Retekess T112 Restaurant Pagers

The Retekess T112 Pager System is an affordable restaurant pager system that comes with a strong signal unstopped by walls or signal barriers. The pager comes with several notification systems that you can choose from. They include:

  • Vibration + LED flash
  • Buzzer + LED flash
  • Vibration + buzzer + LED flash 

The pager also comes with a 1640ft outdoor range and a 656ft indoor range to make it easier to communicate with customers. Customers can walk around and be sure to receive a notification when their table is available. The system supports up to 999 pagers.

5. SHIHUI 10 Pager System

The SHIHUI 10 Pager System is an affordable restaurant pager designed for different food establishments. This high-quality pager comes with a wireless calling system with external antennas for better signal strength.

The SHIHUI 10 Pager System comes with multiple notification modes, including:

  • Buzzer + Vibration + LED
  • Vibration + LED
  • LED only


Customers today want to enjoy their eating out experiences. Part of this experience is making it easier for them to order and communicate with their servers or hosts without interfering with other diners.

Restaurant paging systems come in handy as a tool to provide a serene dining environment where staff serves customers without delays. With paging systems that can discretely send messages between staff and customers, your servers can deliver food as soon as it comes from the kitchen, and your patrons can request service discretely.

Choosing the right pager goes a long way in streamlining your restaurant’s service. Therefore, ensure to determine your needs first before you start comparing some of the best paging systems for restaurants.