Wireless Calling System

Our wireless calling systems are designed to improve the effectivity of communication between customers and staff during service. No matter which industry you're in, we can provide a system solution to fit your budget.

Expore Aidbell Products

  • Wireless Calling System
  • Kitchen to Waiter Paging System
  • Wireless Nurse Call System
  • Guest Paging System
  • Wireless Queue Calling System
  • GSM Intercom System
  • This system comes with a variety of call buttons and wireless receiver choices to fit your restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, spas, manufacturing, parking lots and schools’ needs.
  • By enabling your staff to be more efficient and increase speed of service, the paging systems can improve communication between chefs and attendants for fast response in food delivery.
  • In case of emergencies, nurse calls provide a quick option allowing patients to reach their nurses with the push of a button. Our system can be placed in different medical centers to keep them in reach of patients at all times.
  • The system can be setup to alert entire groups of people. When the order is ready, the staff can press the button on the keypad, notifying the appropriate person that they are holding the coaster pager.
  • Using the queuing system, customers have no longer to worry about listening for their number to be called, and staff members don’t need to shout names or be afraid of a disruptive atmosphere.
  • In an emergency you need a system that can signal that assistance is needed and to notify your site security. Our GSM(S0S) intercom system can help. It is especially applied in parking lots or schools.
  • Waiter Call Button

    CT T101 1
    1-Key Call Button CT-T101
    CT T101C 3
    1-Key Cancel Button CT-T101C
    CT T103 1
    Ultra-thin 1 Key Call Button CT-T103
    CT T301 5
    3-key Waiter Call Button CT-T301
    CT T401 8
    4-Key Call Button CT-T401
    Watch call button
    Pendant Call Button CT-T104WP

    Wireless Receivers

    CT R350 2
    Smart Wireless Receiver CT-R350
    CT R330 wireless receiver 1
    Wireless Receiver CT-R330
    CT R3201
    Wireless Receiver CT-R320
    Watch pager receiver
    Wrist Receiver CT-680W
    CT P630 5
    Wrist Watch Receiver CT-P630
    Corridor light for hospital
    Wireless Corridor light CT-L730

    Repeater and Call Button Base

    CT S910
    Signal Repeater CT-S910
    CT A801
    The Base for Call Button CT-A801
    CT A802
    The Base for Call Button CT-A802
    CT A803
    The Base for Call Button CT-A803
    CT A804
    The Base for Call Button CT-A804
    CT A805 1
    Remote Control CT-A805
  • CT K501A wireless keypad 1
    Kitchen Calling Keypad CT-K505
    CT P670 working
    Watch Receiver CT-P670
    CT S950
    FM Signal Repeater CT-S950
    CT T105FM 1
    1 Key Call Button CT-T105FM
    CT T302FM 1
    3 Key Call Button CT-T302FM
  • Nurse Call Buttons

    EC 200CX 2
    Nurse Call Button EC-200CX/EC-200AX/EC-200NX/EC-200CB
    EC 220PT 1
    Aidbell Bathroom Pull Cord EC-220PT
    EC 220PH 1
    Aidbell Patient Call Button with Handset EC-220PH
    Pendant call button
    Pendant Call Button EC-104P
    EC 104W 3
    Aidbell Caregiver Call Button EC-104W

    Wireless Receivers

    EC 1000R
    Wireless Paging Receiver EC-1000R
    nurse call receiver
    Wireless Monitor EC-360R for Nurse Call Systems
    Double-sided display
    Double-Sided Corridor Display Receiver EC-600R
    Wireless corridor light
    Nurse Call Dome Light EC-400L
    EC 680P Pin
    Medical Pager EC-680P
    EC 680P watch 1
    Nurse Watch Receiver EC-680W
    EC 410R 5
    Paging System Software EC-410R
    EC 400RD
    Dot-Matrix Wireless Receiver EC-400RD

    Repeaters and others

    Bed pad EC BP01
    Cordless Bed Pad Alarm EC-BP01
    EC CP01
    Cordless Chair Pad Alarm EC-CP01
    CT S910
    Signal Repeater EC-900S
    Smoke detector
    Smoke Detector Alarm EC-SD03
    wireless door alarm
    Wireless Wander Door Alarm EC-DA04
    Pocsag Paging Transmitter PS-S950
    POCSAG Paging Transmitter PS-S950
    EC 920S
    Long Range Signal Repeater EC-920S
  • Guest Paging System CT-P520

    CT K501A wireless keypad 1
    CT-P520 Wireless Paging System: Wireless Transmitter CT-K501
    CT P520 pager 1
    CT-P520 Paging System: Waterproof Pager CT-P520
    CT P520C1 charger
    CT-P520 System: Wireless Pager Charger CT-P520C1/C2
    CT D502 Display
    CT-P520 System: Wireless Display CT-D502B

    Wireless Paging System CT-P531

    CT K501A wireless keypad 1
    CT-P531 System: Wireless Keypad CT-K501
    CT P531 with logo 2
    CT-P531 System: Guest Pager CT-P531
    CT P531C
    CT-P531 System: Wireless Pager Charger CT-P531C
    CT D502 Display
    CT-P531 System: Wireless Display CT-D502B

    Restaurant Pager System CT-P540

    CT P540C charger
    2 in 1 Wireless Pager Charger CT-P540C
    CT P540 S
    CT-P540 Guest Paging System: Guest Pager CT-P540

    Queue Number Calling System

    CT K501A wireless keypad 1
    Wireless Keypad CT-K502
    CT D502 Display
    Wireless Display CT-D502
    CT A806
    Queue System Ticket Dispenser CT-A806
  • Nurse Call Buttons

    PS T601CX
    Nurse Call Button PS-T601CX
    Code blue button PS-T601CB
    Code Blue Button PS-T601CB
    Nurse Presence Call Button PS-T601NP
    Nurse Presence Call Button PS-T601NP
    Nurse call button PS-T604
    Nurse Call Button PS-T604
    emergency call button PS-T602
    Emergency Call Button PS-T602
    Patient call bell PS-T603
    Patient Call Bell PS-T603

    POCSAG Paging Receiver

    Wireless display receiver PS-R800
    POCSAG Display PS-R800
    Pocsag Paging Receiver PS-R810
    POCSAG Paging Receiver PS-R810
    Nurse call system display PS-R830
    Nurse Call System Display PS-R830
    Nurse Call Light PS-R850L
    Nurse Call Light PS-R850L
    POCSAG Pager PS-R860W
    POCSAG Pager PS-R860W
    POCSAG Pager PS-R870P
    Alphanumeric Pager PS-R870P
    Nurse Call Display PS-R820
    Nurse Call Display PS-R820

    Paging Transmitter

    Pocsag Paging Transmitter PS-S950
    POCSAG Paging Transmitter PS-S950

    Pocsag Pager

  • Wireless caregiver pager system front view
    Wireless Caregiver Pager Receiver EC-510R
    Pendant call button
    Pendant pager EC-104P
    Wearable Call Button EC-105P
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Exceptional Features & Highlights

  • Simple installation

  • No interference

  • Reliable transmission range coverage

  • Waterproof protection

  • Longer battery life

  • 433 MHz spread spectrum technology

Why Choose Us

Higher level service management means boosting more profitable.

Aidbell Wireless Calling System is a simple and reliable solution for managing guest experience, but also comes with a variety of transmitter and wireless receiver choices to fit your industry needs.

Our Technical Support Team Can:

  • Recommend Systems
  • Provide Technical Support
  • Develop New-Design Products
  • Customized Services
  • Make Offers

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Professional R&D Ability Supports Your Extra System Requirements

As a value-added manufacturer, we specialize in finding the perfect match between customer satisfaction and technology by utilizing R&D expertise.

High tech Chips designed for wireless calling system
  • Rapid Software Development Cycle

    Our senior researchers have good capacity for software development to make a range of customizations.

  • Innovative Appearance Design

    We can quickly react to changes in product overall design according to the industry environment.

  • Multiple Software Performance Choices

    The flexibility to offer functions at different performance levels, like customized voice call mode or number & letter displays.

  • High-tech Chips Advantages

    RF EV1527, STM8S series, STC MCU as chip adopted in Semiconductor Component, featuring a strong anti-interference, fast response and robustness in the actual application.

At A Glance of Our Quality Testing

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Oscilloscope Testing

With oscilloscope testing, the technician can quickly find out the breakdown cause.

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Multimeter Testing

Multimeter testing is an important way to detect whether electronic components are working correctly.

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Spectrum Analyzer Testing

Spectrum analyzer is used to measure signal parameters, which help to connect to a strong signal when using the system.

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Ongoing Customer Supports

Become a Aidbell partner today to take advantage of many benefits we offer.

We are committed to building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with a full end-to-end service.

OEM & ODM Service

We provide logo printing, custom packaging & software management to meet your actual needs.

2-year Warranty

If products get damaged, we will send spare parts for you to repair or we will present you with a new product if the fault is serious.

Free Reserve Parts

Bulk purchase, big profits. We prepare over 2% of reserve parts for your replacement, and life-long consultation.

Legible Installation Guides

Product specification sheets, technical manuals and installation videos are ready for you to review.

End-to-End Service Process

  • As part of a paging system solution, we will consider your application environment to recommend the products or add functions to systems.

  • Our staff have the technical background and the organizational skills to make sure that each system is installed according to schedule, to meet your expectations.

  • We can custom appearance design or sizes to call buttons, set display mode to receiver, or management system for call recording.

  • Silkscreen Printing for your logo demand, but requiring MOQ. Delivery within 3 days after the receipt of payment.

  • logo customization for wireless calling system

    OEM Customized
    LOGO & Packaging

  • sample offer for wireless calling system

    Sample Offer as Demand

  • R&D on Software Management for wireless calling system

    R&D on Software Management

  • Size and Appearance Design for wireless calling system

    Size & Appearance Design