Top Benefits of a Waiter Calling System for Restaurants


How efficient is your restaurant? Your restaurant might seem busy with waiters running up and down taking orders and serving meals. But until you test their efficiency, your restaurant could be mistaking business with chaos.

Due to the nature of their work, waiters have to move up and down the restaurant between the kitchen and the dining areas. These movements are necessary to take and deliver customers’ orders. Accompanying these movements is a series of angry customers shouting for the waiters, others waving trying to catch the waiter’s attention and a hassled waiter trying to serve everyone all at once.

Aidbell provides wireless waiter calling systems to help you prevent this chaos and increase the returns your business gets from these systems. These waiter calling systems consist of:

  • A kitchen calling keypad that chefs can press to summon waiters
  • An FM signal repeater to facilitate better signal reception and transmission
  • A watch receiver through which waiters receive notifications from the kitchen when orders are ready
  • A call button for customers to press when they are ready to order or request service

Some of the top benefits of integrating waiter calling systems into your restaurant include:

1. Improved ROI

Whether you own a casual restaurant or a full-service restaurant, implementing any systems only makes sense if it improves your ROI. Modern waiter calling systems eliminate the traditional shouting, or ringing of bells to call for a waiter’s attention.

They provide a seamless, noiseless interaction between customers, waiters, and kitchen staff. In addition to enhancing the communication between waiters and kitchen staff, these devices result in increased profits for your restaurant.

Some of the ways a waiter calling system improve your ROI include:

  • It allows waiters to provide better service to customers, raising their satisfaction and increasing the chances that they will return.
  • It saves time by allowing your staff to handle their duties without unnecessary back and forth movement to or from the kitchen
  • Waiters are more productive, thus they can serve more customers within the same time
  • Waiter calling systems reduce your labor expenses, thus increasing your profit margins
  • You retain good servers for longer thus reducing your hiring costs
  • Waiter calling systems allow the waiter to spend more time with guests, providing an opportunity to upsell

2. Improving Efficiency and Productivity

Effective communication between staff is one of the ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Communication is especially critical for waiters and kitchen staff who are engaged in serving customers daily.

Proving a waiter call system facilitates better communication between the kitchen staff and the waiter. Your chefs can call the waiters once the food is ready.

This means that a waiter can serve food to customers better as they know exactly when a certain order is completed. They are also convenient as they can summon a waiter from wherever they are within the restaurant.

For example, if a waiter is outside setting the table, and receives an alert that a certain order is complete, he or she can finish setting the table and immediately collect the order to deliver to the right customer.

It also increases the efficiency of the waiters, who can now spend more time with customers serving them and upselling them on other offering your restaurant has to offer.

Chefs are also more efficient, as they can call different waiters using one wireless keypad. This mass notification to waiters increases the chef’s efficiency as he or she does not have to deal with setting up multiple calls to each waiter for order pickup.

3. Improving the Quality of Service

One problem most restaurants face, especially during peak hours is the complaints from serving cold food. Waiters often have to move several times between the kitchen and the dining area to collect customers’ orders and check for completed orders.

This back and forth movement increases the possibility of waiters missing the call when chefs finish preparing an order. By the time the waiter goes back, the food is cold.  

However, with waiter calling systems, the kitchen staff can call the waiter when they complete making an order. This ensures that waiters pick up food for serving as soon as it is ready.

These systems streamline communication between staff and customers, improving the quality of service from the moment the customer enters the restaurant to the time they leave.

4. Your Staff Engages in the Right Tasks

Without an effective communication system between the kitchen and waiting staff, waiters tend to wait in the kitchen to deliver orders when fresh and hot. Waiting in the kitchen comes at the expense of spending time attending to guests. But without a communication system, a waiter spending more time with the guests is likely to serve cold food to customers.

Implementing waiter calling systems allows waiters to spend more time attending to the guests and still serve them meals as soon as they are ready and at the right temperature.

In large settings, for example, during an outdoor event or conference at your restaurant, this efficiency shines through as your wait staff spends time guiding customers to their positions and collecting their orders.

5. Better Personnel Management

When things get busy, you might be tempted to hire new waiters. However, when using a waiter calling system, you can streamline your communication and service processes and determine the number of waiters you need to serve your customers adequately.

Without a managed communication system, it becomes easy to assume that your restaurant is busy and requires additional staff. However, calling systems force you to analyze the effectiveness of your workforce and streamline the areas that need work. You can also identify the efficiency of your shifts and the number of staff required for each shift.

6. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in today’s world matters as much as the quality of food you offer at your restaurant. They want to feel valued and understood when they come to your restaurant for their meals.

 Customers today have the means to leave negative and positive reviews online where potential customers can see them.

Therefore, streamlining your processes to ensure great customer service not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases your revenues.

You are also likely to attract and retain more customers when they perceive your service as better than other restaurants.

With waiter calling systems, your customers receive their orders in time. Their meals are also at the right temperature, which enhances the experience they get from your restaurant.

Since these systems do not interrupt the serving atmosphere to constant noise, customers enjoy the experience of being in your restaurant.

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Why Aidbell Waiter Calling Systems

Remaining competitive in the foodservice industry demands that you offer good food and better service. Customers care more about the quality of service they get when ordering meals from your restaurant.

Changing little things, such as improving communication between staff can increase the number of customers you receive and the profits.

These communication systems must be reliable and capable of delivering on their promise, which is why Aidbell dedicates itself to producing high-quality waiter calling systems to help your restaurant grow. Check our waiter calling systems here.