Nurse Call Button EC-W221PH

  • nurse call point
  • Aidbell nurse call system
  • nurse call point
  • Aidbell nurse call system

Product Description

Nurse Call Button with pillow speaker EC-W221PH is placed near bedside in patients’ room. It is handfree intercom with nurses at nurse station. Nurse can also call into patient room if needed.

Use screws or double-sided sticker to fix on the wall.


Cables Twisted pair wires
Installation Flush mountable / stick on any surface
Package 1 pcs per box
Size  140x 96 x 22mm (Panel)
43 x 85 x 20mm (Handset)
  • Bedside substation with two-way intercom & cancel function
  • Can make easy call from Panel & Pillow speaker freely
  • Hands free intercom with nurses
  • Call Main Console EC-W40R & telephone at nurse station 
  • Support call-back from nurse station via telephone
  • High quality voice without distortion
  • Powered by Main Console EC-W40R
  • Blue push button with sign 
  • 100% waterproof with 2-meter spiral telephone cable