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How to Get the Most Out of Your Wireless Nurse Call System


Wireless nurse call systems have been shown to improve communication between nurses and patients, and between different units within a hospital. By reducing the time it takes for a nurse to respond to a patient’s call, these systems can help improve patient satisfaction scores and reduce the risk of falls and other accidents.

If you’re considering implementing a wireless nurse call system in your hospital, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the technology.

Tips for Getting the Most from a Wireless Nurse Call System

1. Assess your facility needs

It is important to review the requirements of your healthcare facility before installing a wireless nurse call system. There are different nurse call systems that function differently depending on your facility’s needs, size, and other factors. A nursing home, for instance, would require a different system from that of a big hospital.  

Think of your staff, patients, and the services you offer before settling for a suitable nurse call system. You should also check the relevant regulations governing nurse call systems in your jurisdiction. These measures help you to install the best wireless nurse call system for your facility.  

If your facility already has an installed nurse call system, you can review how well the system caters to your needs. An existing wireless nurse call system can be upgraded to improve its efficiency.  

2. Indulge your staff

A wireless nurse call system changes the way your staff works and interacts especially with patients. Your staff is an important aspect in the successful implementation of a nurse call system. Involve them in identifying the needs of your facility and the right system to install. Working with your staff in all stages allows your staff to offer more insights and learn how to operate the system efficiently.  

3. Proper choice and installation

There are different types and brands of nurse call systems, each built with unique technology for its operations. You should select a system that serves your needs while considering system factors such as the use of wireless cell phones, call tones, and pager alerts.  

It is also important to evaluate the software used in building the nurse call system. This helps you to involve your team and know whether the team needs the training to use the system. A professional nurse call operator can offer guidance on appropriate options and the best choice for your facility.

Upon choosing the ideal system, you must ensure it is properly installed for it to function at its best. Consider working with a professional who has in-depth experience in setting up similar systems in similar facilities. The system’s features and stations should be rightly placed. A comprehensive risk assessment should also be conducted to confirm that the installation was properly done.  

4. Staff training  

Training your staff is crucial for you to get the most out of your wireless nurse call system. Relevant healthcare officers should be trained before the installation. This ensures that the staff is fully involved in the entire process and helps them to adapt to using the system as the main way of communication with patients.

It is your staff who will handle the nurse call system after installation, to ensure that it serves the facility as expected. Training is therefore needed before and after installation until they are confident in handling most of the operations. Frequent training sessions also help your staff to improve their skills and perform operations more comfortably through the system.  

5. Build a communication culture

Strong communication between your staff and patients drives the need to have a functional wireless nurse call system. When you have a good wireless system in a facility where the staff do not value communication among themselves and patients, the system does not serve its purpose. Cultivate a communication culture by guiding your team on the value of proper communication.  

You should also allow your staff to communicate with you and patients more often, and give them time to respond to issues communicated to them. Communication is two-way and both sides of communication should indulge and understand each other. Create communication guidelines and requirements for your staff to ensure they indulge in active communication.  

6. Regular checkups and maintenance

Regularly maintaining your nurse call system enables you to get the most out of the system. Your system will serve you for much longer if it is frequently maintained, as maintenance ensures that the system is safe and fully operational. When installing the nurse call system, work with a professional service provider that can also offer checkups and regular maintenance for your system.  

Getting a different service provider for checkups and maintenance can be expensive. Your staff may also not have the capacity to conduct maintenance independently. Before settling for your ideal service provider, therefore, ascertain that they offer maintenance services after installation.  

7. Using the system right

A wireless nurse call system is only efficient if it is used the right way. While this technology enables human beings to relate better and solve issues faster, physical interaction between staff and patients in a healthcare facility remains important. The system only complements other forms of communication and helps to boost functions for medical staff.  

There should be frequent meetings with staff to consistently sensitize them on the proper use of the nurse call system. Such forums should also be used to review the progress made in implementing proper nurse call system use. Necessary commendations and improvements on the system’s use should also be physically discussed to ensure the system boosts services as needed in the facility.  

Final word

A wireless nurse call system is a crucial investment for any healthcare facility. The system helps to improve communication and coordination between patients and staff. To get the most out of your wireless nurse call system, work with a professional installer and maintainer of the system. Also, ensure that your staff is properly trained on how to use different features of the system. Build a communication culture in your facility and use the system as per the set standards and procedures.

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