6 Best Nurse Call Systems for Africa 


Facilitating communication between healthcare providers and patients is one of the best initiatives toward better healthcare outcomes. As more hospitals across Africa adopt healthcare communication systems, the question remains – which are the best nurse call systems for African hospitals? Here are some of the best nurse call systems to choose from.

1. Aidbell 

Aidbell is one of the top nurse call system manufacturers meant to provide a reliable communication system for hospitals, senior home facilities, and other healthcare facilities. Aidbell nurse call systems are designed to allow patients/residents to communicate with nurses/caregivers when and as needed. 

They also provide reporting capabilities for decision-makers. These capabilities allow businesses to track the ROI of the nurse call system they install. 

Wireless nurse call systems from Aidbell have features such as:

  • Nurse call buttons

Nurse call buttons come in different formats including patient call buttons, hospital bed call buttons, pendant call buttons, wearable panic buttons, bathroom emergency pull cords, and wall-mounted panic buttons. They allow patients to call the nurses when they have different needs. 

  • Nurse Call lights 

Aidbell nurse call dome light comes with a 4-color LED corridor dome light to notify staff that a call has been activated. Default patient priority and nurse presence are indicated by green, red, blue and white, but can be reprogrammed according to Aidbell wireless nurse call system design guide.

  • Wireless Receivers 

Wireless receivers display calling information from various patients. These receivers are also color-coded to help caregivers determine the priority of a call at a glance. Wireless receivers can also be in the form of watch pagers to allow nurses to receive patient requests no matter where they are in the medical facility.

  • Wireless Signal Repeaters 

Signal repeaters transmit the wireless signal over a long distance, which ensures the wireless nurse call system works throughout the facility. Usually, each floor needs only one pcs wireless signal repeater to extend the working range.

  • Call Center Software For Healthcare

Every wireless nurse call system comes with user-friendly management software that collects data in real time. The call center software collects data about the service types and frequency of calls, as well as the response time for each call. 

Healthcare facilities can use this data to track and report on the efficiency of the nurse call system in delivering better care to patients. 

How Aidbell Wireless Nurse Call System Can Help Improve Patient Care?

  • Wireless systems are cost-effective as there is no specialist installation required. Plug and play, and does not require additional hardware such as cables. 
  • Wireless systems can be scaled up or down as your healthcare facility needs. If your facility plans on expanding in the future, then a wireless system makes more sense. 
  • Aidbell wireless nurse call systems come with easy maintenance. It would only cost 1 minute to replace the battery for a nurse call button, which will not affect the entire nurse call system at all.
  • Aidbell offers a free configuration service, which can help end-users to run it quickly.

Aidbell nurse call systems are distributed around the world to healthcare facilities that want to improve patient-caregiver communication and deliver better services to their patients. More and more nurse call system suppliers from African countries use Aidbell nurse call systems, for example, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc. 

2. Cornell Communications 

Cornell communications manufacturers various nurse call systems to support medical facilities worldwide. Cornell has two popular systems, the Cornell 4000 and Cornell 7000. 

The Cornell 4000 is a non-voice nurse call system with features such as pull cords, nurse call lights, duty stations, documentation, and record-keeping.  

The Cornell 4000 can be complemented by the Cornell 7000 which is an audio-only system designed to relay emergencies quickly. The system provides alerts to caregivers when an emergency arises, allowing them to respond to them in the shortest time possible. 

3. Rauland Responder 5 

Rauland manufactures healthcare products including the Responder 5 nurse call system. The Responder 5 is a customizable nurse call system meant to integrate with the existing nurse call infrastructure. 

The system comes with a Bath station to help with fall prevention in the bathroom. It enables a constant audio connection to bathrooms, allowing patients to call for help when they use the bathroom or take a shower.

The staff terminus feature on the system is a VoIP touch screen allowing your staff to activate call processes at the touch of a button. 

4. Tektone Nurse Call System 

Tektone provides nurse call systems for hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. Some of the nurse call systems they provide include Tek-CARE400 P5 and Tek-CARE400.

They also offer a wireless Tek-CARE500 system with portable pendants to allow residents to move around, with the peace of mind that they can reach their caregivers at the touch of a button. 

Tektone also offers Tek-CARE Event Monitoring and Reporting software which can be integrated with all its systems. The monitoring and reporting systems display calls from other systems and provide detailed reports on each activity. 

5. Systems Technologies 

Systems Technologies develops wireless nurse call systems specifically for assisted living facilities. Their systems – UL 1069 and UL2560 are designed to provide ongoing safety, security, and communication for staff and patients. 

The systems offer the following features:

  • Call assistance. Residents can wear the pendant which allows them to call for help when needed. The pendant also records the time between the call placement and staff response. 
  • Location information. Systems Technologies’ nurse call systems provide precise locations to allow nurses to find residents and respond to their needs faster.
  • Fall impact status alerts to notify nurses when a resident falls.
  • Elopement risk. It’s easy for residents to get lost within a facility, therefore, the system alerts caregivers when residents wander off the facility. 

6. Caretronic Nurse Call System

Caretronic’s NurseCare nurse call system is an IP nurse call system designed to digitize healthcare information management and healthcare administration. The system uses IP for communication in different healthcare settings including clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. 

The nurse call system also comes with a fall detection feature to provide caregivers with alerts when a patient or resident falls. Patients and residents also have a wireless hand transmitter that they can use to call for caregivers in case of a fall. 

Which Nurse Call System is the Best for Your Facility in Africa?

You might be having a hard time when looking for the best nurse call system in Africa. The choice of a nurse call system depends on your budget, the size of your facility, growth plans, reporting capabilities, and the needs of your facility. 

In terms of budget, you want to find a system that provides the best value for its price. You can determine its value based on the nurse call system’s features and reviews from hospitals that have used the system. 

Wireless nurse call systems are the best for facilities that intend to scale their operations, as they can grow with the facility. You can purchase the essential system at the very beginning if the budget is not high. Then purchase the additional items when your healthcare facility is expanded.

The needs of your facility also determine the type of nurse call system you choose. For instance, a hospital has distinct needs from those of a nursing home, or an assisted living facility. 

Finally, choose a system with reporting capabilities. Regardless of the size or needs of your facility, you cannot accurately determine the ROI of your nurse call system without data. The best nurse call system should collect essential data about all call activity, the response time, the frequency of calls from the same patient about the same issue, etc. 

Collecting such data allows you to evaluate and optimize your workflows, manage staffing needs, and enhance patient satisfaction within your facility. 

Final Word 

Advances in medical communication technologies make it easier for hospitals to deliver better experiences to them. This starts with finding the best nurse call system that meets your facility’s communication needs. Do you need a nurse call solution? Our team can help.