What is Aidbell Medical Alert System ?


Medical alert system, known as personal emergency alert and response system, offer a fast and easy way for the elderly, people with health issues, and those who live alone, to get help during an emergency, whether it be a medical issue, a fall, or any event that requires an instant response.

It can also be defined as a technology device which enables to monitor the sick and vulnerable family members and loved ones from in and out of the house to assure their safety and security.

Benefits of medical alert system

  • It acts as a crucial life-saving device especially for the elderly and susceptible people.
  • In case of sudden illness or accident, people can get aid immediately.
  • Based on the response of emergency alert, it is definitely instant!
  • It is portable and flexible. The device can be worn in the wrist or be pinned in the clothes. Those who are unable to move or walk can easily take and use it.
  • The system removes the fear of loneliness from the elderly. They know that help is all way there when they need. It keeps them calm and satisfied.

How Aidbell medical alert system works?

Aidbell medical alert system is designed to improve the communication between patients and nurses, enhance patient satisfaction and boost caregiver productivity. This system is very suitable for hospital wards, elderly homes, and assisted living facility, etc.

Help at the push of a button!

Aidbell medical alert system allows users to activate an emergency call simply by pressing a button. Then it activates a signal and the clear audio alarms to notify caregivers that they are suffering emergency.

It is one of the reliable and easy ways to give aid to the senior people whenever they need. They can get faster treatment, and have great mental confidence that they are not alone. It also helps other family members to keep away from worries.

Petz Aladár Hospital of Győr City in Hungary has recently installed Aidbell medical alert system. 

Reasons they chose Aidbell are:

  • Easy installation with no cabling required                                   
  • Call priority settings with different colors and ring tones                   
  • High productivity with advanced software management
  • Patients simply press call button to active calls to notify nurses
  • Nurses notification through distinctive sounds and vibrations
  • Can be integrated with existing smoke detector in the hospital

Let’s see some pictures from Petz Aladár Hospital in Hungary!

Petz Aladár Hospital
Bedside call button EC-220PH
Bedside call button EC-220PH
Installation of EC-220PH near bedside

In summary, it can be said that medical alert system has influenced our daily life. Aidbell medical alert system is extremely easy to install, affordable and helpful! Aidbell is always making efforts in hopes of changing the healthcare system with the best quality service.

If you want to know more, please view our website: aidbell.com