Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Nurse Call Systems


Wireless nurse call systems are critical in the communication departments of many healthcare facilities. Modern wireless nurse call systems are advanced and effectively offer support to patients.

 If you are looking for comprehensive information on wireless nurse call systems, keep reading this detailed article.  

What are nurse call systems?

This is a platform through which patients communicate with nurses when they need help. The first nurse call system was invented in the 1850s by Florence Nightingale. This first system consisted of handbells that were placed on the bedsides for patients to ring when they needed assistance.

The call system has evolved with time and today, we have various systems with features such as door lights, pull cords, pillow speakers, and call buttons mounted on the wall. These systems can be placed near the ward beds, or washroom area, to allow patients to immediately ask for help at any time.

Features of nurse call systems

Modern nurse call systems have varying features and perform their functions differently. However, there are common features that apply to most modern systems as follows:

· Wall station

A wall station has a speaker and microphone that enables communication between a nurse and a patient. The wall station is built with a code blue button which is the pillow speaker receptacle. There can also be ventilators or IV pumps connected through the wall station to the nurse call station. Using this connection, nurses at the nurse stations receive alerts each time there is an alarm from the connected devices.  

· Bed cable

This cable is used to connect a patient’s bed to the wall station. Through the bed alarm, nurses are alerted whenever a patient who should remain in bed tries to leave the bed. Patients can also use the bed rail button to ask for assistance from nurses when they need it.  

· Pillow speaker

The pillow speaker is also known as the call light, and it allows a patient to reach the nurse for assistance, control the television and switch overbed lights on or off. Other than the light, there are breath calls that assist patients to contact nurses for help, by simply inhaling or exhaling into a given tube. The breath calls are very efficient when a patient has limited movement.  

· Desk console

The desk console is similar to a phone that a unit nurse uses to receive a call from patients and also call the patient’s rooms when needed.  

· Code blue

When the code blue button is pressed in a ward or patient’s room, there is a group of alerts that go off to mean that a patient requires urgent help. This alert is not only sent to the nurse station but also everywhere where the nurse call system is set to alert.  

These upgraded features of the nurse call system mean a lot to patients. They are a crucial link between medical staff and patients. Visitors can also use the nurse call systems on behalf of patients who require assistance.  

An upgraded wireless nurse call system is customizable

With an upgraded system, nurses are able to prioritize calls because an alert is clear on whether the patient fell down, needs additional information on treatment, and more issues. This means that an upgraded wireless nurse call system allows patients to communicate their specific needs to their assigned nurses.

Modern wireless nurse call systems can be customized to suit your particular needs as a medical institution. This allows you to build your system in line with the rest of your facility systems so that they function in harmony. When the systems are wireless, your facility saves time and money that would otherwise have been spent on wired installation.  

Customizable nurse call systems are efficient in notifying nurses when patients need help. Such systems can even be connected to heart monitors and other crucial equipment to automatically notify nurses when there is an emergency.  

Customizable systems also notify nurses when to administer medication, schedule rounds, and handle other tasks. Nurses can also use customizable systems to tackle alarm notification fatigue. This is by allowing them to have a unique alarm sound for different types of calls from patients.

Main benefits of a wireless nurse call system

So how does a wireless nurse call system benefit your institution?

· Upgrading your patient care

Technology is an important aspect of the healthcare sector that helps in achieving different results. It helps in detecting various diseases, offering some forms of treatments, and improving task delivery in healthcare institutions. A wireless nurse call system is a form of technology that improves communication between patients and the hospital, thus boosting patient care.  

A nurse call system is important in any healthcare facility, even if it is hardly used. Do not assume that you can do without a well-upgraded nurse call system.

An older nurse call system may fail to effectively signal the plight of patients, most simply showing that the patient called. On the other hand, an upgraded system is clear on why the patient called and what the patient needs.

· Faster response to situations

A wireless nurse call system offers patients unlimited access to timely care, mainly when they need it urgently. This system creates alerts to the medical staff when patients need something addressed or urgent medical attention.  

Admitted patients in some cases do not have the energy to move around looking for nurses or doctors to attend to them. It is also quite hectic to have ailing patients stranded, and that is why it is important to have a wireless nurse call system for faster response to situations.  

The old system of documentation in healthcare facilities consumes a lot of time, space, and energy. This slows the process of admission and other services offered at the facility. With a good wireless nurse call system, however, you can use a digital mechanism for better and faster services.  

Final word

Wireless nurse call systems offer the best solution for patient care and better communication in any healthcare facility. It is important to understand the needs of your facility and consider other crucial factors before settling on the best system for your facility.

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