Warehouse Paging System: Aidbell Manufacturing Solutions


Effective communication is the key to success in almost all departments of life and for this very reason, the demand for paging systems is increasing each day. Traditionally hospital and restaurant paging systems have reached businesses and manufacturing facilities including warehouses nowadays. The warehouse paging systems have created a quick and effective network between supply plants and warehouses making storage and distribution of goods a smooth affair.

Importance of Communication in a Warehouse

Although it is one of the least explored and talked about part of the supply chain, warehousing plays a vital role in maintaining inventories of the stored goods of different companies to deliver orders to customers in time. The delay factor can ruin the warehousing business and that’s why communication and “staying connected” are so important.

Warehouse Communication Solution

The warehouse calling systems, pagers and intercoms are the most innovative technologies that are used to streamline communication ensuring optimum productivity and reliability. Moreover, it keeps workers and managers connected to the supply line; bringing potential delays and errors to a minimum.

Warehouse communication devices keep workers at par even in the noisiest and busiest warehouses. This allows warehouses to run at their best and warehousing businesses to flourish. This seamless, business-critical communication solution offered by Aidbell guarantees reliable communication from the production line to the warehouse till the goods are loaded at the dock. With their amazing industrial paging systems, you can meet the most demanding deadlines easily.

Furthermore, these paging systems can also be used to alert the workers of a disastrous situation such as a “warehouse fire”, or any other emergency that requires an immediate response.

Easy-to-Use Pager System

The paging systems are simple and extremely easy to install. They are composed of call buttons and wireless receivers installed at a workstation. The workers in need of assistance can press the button to call for aid or warehouse staff and the managers upon receiving notification from the wireless receiver. They can go over to the workstation to supervise and to extend assistance where needed.

System Composition

The paging solutions are composed of different types of call buttons and wireless receivers. Where necessary, different warehouses can install signal repeaters for a long-range connection.

Innovative Buttons

These buttons are available in multiple designs based on the function they perform.

  • 1-Key Call Button – This button can be wall-mounted and is 100% water-resistant to withstand accidental water damage. The main attraction of this button is the range of colors it comes in and the OEM production with the logo. Moreover, it has an ideal transmission range of 300m (open area). The long battery life allows the workers to make up to 40,000 calls without having to charge or change the battery frequently. This call button comes with the option of adding a low battery indication based on businesses’ demand. The 1-Key Call buttons are available at wholesale rates as a single package of 20 pieces per box. 
  • 1-Key Cancel Button – This button is particularly designed to cancel the callings from Aidbell Call button. With a similar transmission range (300m open area) and frequency (433 MHz), the buttons share similar features; the only difference lies in the function as one cancel button can cancel/undo the corresponding signal from the call button.
  • Ultra-Thin 1 Key Call Button – This sleek-looking water-proof button is available in black and white color schemes and is an even more budget-friendly option; as the package includes 24 pieces per box. It’s a powerful 3V lithium battery and its unique design coupled with the desired transmission range of 300m open area makes it a charming communication device.
  • 3 Key Call Button – On the nature of the business, the suppliers and manufacturers of wireless business paging systems are now offering multiple functions in a single button. For improved warehouse communication, 3 key call buttons can have the options of call, alarm( for higher-level calling service) & cancel. This allows managers to give different support to workers in a short time.
  • 4 Key Call Button – Based on 3 key call button, 4 key call button has one more option of service type, like store, load, distribute, warn and so on. This allows managers to know clearly what workers need at the first time.No need to walk around to see who needs help & what the help is, the managers can get the calling information via Aidbell wireless display receiver or watch receiver easily.

Efficient Receivers

  • Smart and Wireless Receivers –  the paging system is incomplete without wireless receivers. There are display receivers, watch receivers and door light receivers for different choices. The display receivers can be placed on the wall or in the corridor with a double-sided view. With an adjustable volume and ringtone, the managers can choose to increase or decrease the sound of the calls based on the background noise in the warehouse.
  • Aidbell watch receivers are mobile pagers for managers to receive the calls anytime and anywhere. They will vibrate and sound to alert managers and show who & when is calling.

Call, Repeat, Receive

Signal Repeater – This device turns an indoor paging system for a warehouse into an outdoor paging system by increasing the signal transmission manifolds. The built-in external antenna boosts the signals originating from the call button towards the receivers. The device has a transmission range of up to 2000m open area and sensitivity greater than 106dB. This device takes the calling systems to the next level and is perfect for large-scale warehouses that are not in the form of one building. They also can consist of several departments interconnected with Aidbell calling and paging systems.


The warehouse paging system has greatly enhanced warehouse communication. This smart device allows safe and error-free connections between the staff and better handling of storage and delivery. Hence, calling it an integral part of a warehouse business would not be an over-statement.