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Wireless Queue Calling System

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Wireless Queue Calling System

Wireless Queuing System is an efficient customer flow management solution to solve the traditional reception problem, which occurs in many organizations. It is a terrible experience to queue up in a line standing and waiting long periods for service.

However, our wireless queuing system can be the ideal solution to eliminate congested queueing time. The customers get a number from a ticket dispenser and sit anywhere to wait. Staff can press the queuing number to call the guest to inform that his/her service is ready. The movement of the queue can also be viewed on LED displays.

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Business Benefits:

  • Empower guests with freedom and independence to wait for a service
  • Keep customers informed while monitoring waiting time in a real-time
  • Relieve the counter congestion to enhance quality service

System Composition

Queue Management System1:

High-sensitivity touch screen for a fast response and easy operation.


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