Best Emergency Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living


Assisted Living Options for Elderly

With increasing age, people tend to lose their independence & vigor and end up needing others to care for their basic needs. Though family and friends can provide support and care to their seniors, assisted living for the elderly is a better-equipped housing space where they can lead a secure life.

In these circumstances the need to move to a residential facility that provides full-time care services becomes profound. Based on the eligibility, affordability, and requirements of different seniors, retirees, and elderly people multiple assisted living options are now available for geriatrics. Such residential facilities include assisted living communities, nursing homes, and continuing-care retirement communities (CCRC).

These housing facilities and communities are becoming extremely popular, and a majority of people in the developed countries are older adults. Due to the availability of high living standards and advanced medical treatments – the number of residents is increasing in the assisted living facilities day by day.

Meet the Demands With Caregiver Systems

Taking care of the needs of all the elderly residents and being there for them whenever they require is becoming challenging for the caregivers. The possibility of not responding to the callings from the sick and elderly would reduce happiness when living in the caregiving facilities. The secret ingredient for the smooth running of an assisted care facility is effective communication and immediate response to the call of aid.

The professional Nurse Call System manufacturer –  Aidbell, realizes and fully appreciates the demands and pressures caregivers and nurses face daily, and hence they have launched wireless caregiver pagers and nurse call systems to ease their challenges, help them with daily activities and improve caregiving mechanisms for the sick and elderly.

Aidbell Wireless Caregiver System Features

Fast Response – The major feature of the caregiver pagers is the speed of communication. The individuals can reach out to the caregivers and nurses instantly via a press of nurse call button. This factor makes the device working perfectly not only for daily care but also for emergencies.

Water-Resistant – Toilet emergency call button, the most popular communication device for the elderly to call for help when they are in the toilet alone. Toilets are the most accident-prone places in assisted living facilities, and the elderly are easy to fall. How to get the aid in the shortest time when they fall? Fortunately, Aidbell call buttons are 100% waterproof for well being pressed to make calls under wet conditions.

Long-Lasting Battery – With caregivers’ heavy tasks comes forgetfulness and this can be life-threatening at times. The powerful battery of wireless calling systems allows them to work lasting for 1-2 years without any charging required or battery replacement. And the low battery indication function for Aidbell pendants and wall-mounted call buttons will alert caregivers when it is time to replace the battery.

Portable Pendant – The elderly can use SOS pendants to call for assistance anywhere and anytime in case of emergencies. It allows them independence and privacy with an easy and convenient way of asking for help. Aidbell’s portable call buttons are lightweight and rechargeable, which can last for 6 months on one charge. Long standby time ensures the elderly make callings freely.

Cheap Price – Aidbell calling system is not expensive, and all assisted living facilities can easily afford to buy and use them. Hence it is a perfect communication gadget for large and small care facilities with a custom “right-size” design.


No matter the assisted living option, the wireless caregiver pager system has made life comfortable for caregivers and the elderly. This critical care system is a simple gadget involving wireless pendant buttons and receivers.

The elderly can wear the pendant button at all times – literally, carry aid with them everywhere inside the facility – whereas the caregiver is remotely alerted by the receiver through visual and audio alerts. When coupled with these versatile and reliable caregiver pagers, the assisted living facilities provide care and a sense of security and peace of mind to the residents, their families, and the caregiving staff.

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What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a concept of providing long-term care services including housing, personal care, and health care to the elderly, disabled, and other senior people who cannot live independently or those who prefer to live in a service-providing community.

What is an assisted living facility?

The assisted living facility is a community-based residence where multiple services are offered to senior and elderly people. These facilities are regulated by the state and offer different levels of care.

What is assisted living for seniors?

Assisted living communities are essentially designed for seniors because they cannot live alone and take care of themselves properly. Some assisted living residences give health care to bedridden geriatrics while some only give shelter to the seniors who are capable of doing mundane tasks such as eating and changing clothes themselves. For seniors assisted living is a support system that is an absolute necessity and requirement of their age.