Aidbell Wireless Nursing Home Solution


Population aging is a natural pattern of the development of a society. And aging rapidly is resulting in a social problem that long-term care for the senior becomes inevitable, then comes the growing demand for nursing home and long-term care products.

However, communication between the senior and nursing workers has often been neglected. AIDBELL wireless nurse call system focuses on this problem and aims to improve the nursing home services.

How does AIDBELL wireless nurse call system work?

Simply put, the senior presses AIDBELL nurse call button, then AIDBELL nurse call receiver alerts the nursing workers.

What does AIDBELL wireless nurse call system consist of?

  1. AIDBELL nurse call button: wall-mounted button, pull code button, wearable watch button, pendant button
  2. AIDBELL nurse call receiver: wall-mounted receiver, corridor light receiver, watch receiver
  3. AIDBELL nurse call accessories: signal repeater, bed pad alarm, smoke alarm, wireless door alarm

What are the advantages of AIDBELL wireless nurse call system?

  1. Affordable: long-term care and nursinghome facilities face the challenge of providing quality, senior-centered care while staying on budget. AIDBELL can help by providing an affordable system for nursing home’s senior alerting needs.
  2. Easy installation: AIDBELLsystem is wireless connected, make it can be installed quickly and easily at nursing home facilities large and small.
  3. Easy to use:the senior only need to press a AIDEBELL nurse call button, then all AIDBELL receiver can alert simultaneously to help the nursing workers improve response times and efficiency, resulting in improving the senior comfort and
  4. High integration: AIDBELL,meeting the diverse needs of customers, is ideal for nursing home as it can be highly integrated with many types of existing systems, such as door alarm, smoke detector alarm, and bed pad alarm. But currently, other suppliers can not provide such a complete wireless nurse call system.
  5. Customize configuration: AIDBELLprovides flexible configuration for customers. The diversification of AIDBELL wireless nurse call system can perfectly satisfy different price needs of nursing home at different levels.

AIDBELL wireless nurse call system has helped countless skilled nursing home on improving the communication between the senior and nursing workers.

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