Aidbell Wireless Customer Traffic Control System Supports COVID-19 Social Distancing 


Ever since the outbreak of the virus COVID-19, individuals in the community, infection prevention & control professionals, health care workers, all of them have been advised to always keep a safe social distancing (about 6 feet) as an essential way to prevent the transmission of the virus COVID-19.

Global System Requirement:

Currently, the virus COVID-19 is still developing quite violently over the world, but people’s normal life has to go on and gets back on track. In such a bad corona-virus environment, with the restarting of daily work, all walks of life desperately need to take adequate protective measures to prevent both of themselves and their targeted customers from being infected by the virus COVID-19! 

And part of the requisite steps is to take some action to manage the customer flows to meet the vital requirement of keeping social distancing, especially when there is a long and structured queue with a crowded public standing. 

Aidbell Wireless Customer Traffic Control System is a simple but important customer flow management system to support the COVID-19 social distancing.

System Purpose:

Aidbell Wireless Customer Traffic Control System targets exactly the long structured queue to manage the customer flows in a very easy and efficient way to ensure people can stay safe, even when they must wait a long time at a long queuing line where the risk of being infected is high.

What Is Structured Queue?

The structured queue means that here people form a queue in a rather fixed or predictable position, such as at the supermarket checkouts, schools, and some other retail stores, such as the station ticket barrier or the public park entrance and so on.

System Composition: 

1. Wireless Call Button CT-T301 x 1 pcs

(1) CALL KEY: green “Bell ” icon 

(2) ALERT KEY: red “Alert ” icon 

2. Wireless Indicating Light CT-L730 x 1 pcs

Can show 1 color at one time (7color to choose: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Orange.)

Corridor light for hospital

How does the Aidbell System work?

The wireless system allows us to take a convenient and discreet control of customer traffic. There are two types of keys to trigger the corresponding-color indicating light.

1. The CALL KEY can trigger a Green Light for the next person in the queue to move on.

2. The ALERT KEY can trigger a Red Light to inform the customers to keep waiting in the queue.

System Benefits:

1. Staff can stay indoors to operate to avoid direct contact with the queuing people.

2. Reduce manpower: only need to simply press the button, without troubling and hard operation.

3. People in line can be notified clearly by the corresponding color to move on or just keep their current status at a safe social distancing with others.

4. Better service can improve customer satisfaction.

5. No need for cabling, all the finished projects can add the system easily without rewiring.

6. This system is a low-cost solution that can demonstrate its return on investment as soon as it is used.

Typical Applications: 

1. Retail stores: use Aidbell system to control the rate at which shoppers enter the store or line up at the customer service counter, helping maintain target customer counts even during peak shopping periods.

2. Restaurants: use Aidbell system to streamline the takeout process, orderly inviting a new customer to come up to the ordering window after the previous customer finishes their transaction. 

3. In-store pharmacies: use Aidbell system to manage prescription pickups, notifying each patient when it’s their turn to speak with the pharmacist and eliminating long lines at the pharmacy counter.

4. Schools: use Aidbell system to manage high-volume student queues, such as when students are ordering food, registering for classes, and entering libraries. 


Although the virus COVID-19 is still spreading and affecting the daily life, Aidbell Wireless Customer Traffic Control System can help you address the queue management and social distancing challenges, whether for supporting COVID-19 social distancing or for promoting your service to improve the customer satisfaction and finally bring higher turnovers on your business.

In a word, with the help of Aidbell Wireless Customer Traffic Control System, work can restart, life can get back on track, and both you and your customers will stay safe!