Aidbell Restaurant Pager System: Time to Invest in Restaurant Pagers


Where technicality has penetrated down to the roots of any business infrastructure and holding an all-rounded position due to quick and multiple function performances, the gadgetry in the communication’s area has also been improved and investments are made to organize mandatory the long range pager system. Whether it’s a retail environment, public interferes resolvers, a government building, railway/bus station, or even a nationwide system (interconnected with thousands of transmitting boards) pager telecommunication are existing for public announcements in both alphanumeric texting form or previously recorded voice notes.

Running a restaurant business is a good approach if you’re handling the busy evening’s sling hash with full dedication on the customer side. The prospective to get ensured while enchanting customer service, is technical equipment installation around every single table, and the restaurant pager system is a capital illustration to connect up-comers directly with the staff, that must be enrolled in any stage of business for the sustainability of trust and flexibility in liveware.

For tracking filled-up tables or assigning a spot for new arrivals, the restaurant guest paging system supports the scenario effectively, without creating hustle around collars!!

Skeleton Behind Restaurant Pager System

A restaurant pager system is designed to interact with customers in a proper way with a bold sales graph, guest experience, or satisfied servicing behavior through regular alarming or communicative/invisible wiring in the entire location as a handheld buzzer. The pagers are wirelessly bound to a device that has one to two main transmitters that catch and release exact signals from a particular CAP code of pagers.

The transmission device works under a holder who announces or sends signals by pressing a number linked to a contrasted pager number then appropriate action takes place to create continuity in overall restaurant assistance. Depending on the frequency strength of the transmitter, the pager system may extend from a few to many hundred miles. Adding up near most pager pieces to work synergistically as the program moves frequently and forwardly. 

Interaction Based Types of Pagers 

In the following, there are three sections well-supported by the pager system, and particularly when it comes to pager systems for restaurants.

  • Customer-to-staff Transmission

This pager type allows staff to interrelate with customers. For sorting out their servicing queries or relevant issues. Likewise, push-for-service paging is a permanent window between customer to waiter or waitress, which makes weight on the side of the restaurant operators team backstage. To get seven figures attached in your batch, it’s necessary to lift the time for guest experience and push-button pager promotes the scenario in professional hands.

  • Host-to-staff Transmission 

Announcement for a common message with the involvement of instruction released by staff makes an urge to create a bridge between host to staff in form of a restaurant call system. Good communication sets the mood for the positive guest experience even by coping with long-range systems’ coaster call distance. As a host, there is a lot you can do to help guests have a good stay (and encourage good reviews) by communicating clearly and quickly from the staff members’ compliment. 

  • Kitchen-to-waiter Transmission

In comparison to other modules settled in managing the tasks and concern to the transmission model of the beeper system, the kitchen holder needs to communicate with the waiter while it’s customer crowd outside and food experience has to record. Just a push on the button will turn chefs in contact with the waiter and these pager frequencies work on different frequencies that cannot be perceived through the guest paging system’ beepers

What Should We Know Before Having a Pager?

Although the diversity of pagers are vast and extra stretching of not having out of the track features. But some important points must be detailed in mind when you’re near to launch an authentic and user-friendly restaurant beeper system. Investment for a perfect deal always pays off with some worthwhile benefits and that’s what the functionality stands-in to pager networks. Where a person has to ping the second person on the receiver by durational notes or texts, for adjusting the third person on standard customer assistance. 

No denying, technical communication is far more effective in a way to convert business success and it all becomes possible when clients have versatile time to spend on your signature. Thereof, try not to compromise when it comes to the communication cap brought-up, and for making that a sense, paging systems for restaurants must have these qualities in a pro way;

→ Transmission range: 

Make sure the system you’re buying has an average transmission range of 150 feet (45.72 m) to 1 mile (1.61 km) (which is the normal range of restaurant coaster pager). This range can also be expanded for outdoor frames of the restaurant where no deduction can take in count due to wall collision, hence, it could be increased by 3,000 feet (0.91 kilometers) easily.

→ Quantity of pagers in set:

If you’re choosing a large set of extra pager pieces, don’t waste extra on large sets because they also can be purchased on the range required by the number of desks under the restaurant. 

→ Battery power:

The lithium batteries are consistently chargeable and provide rhythm to entire telecommunication through the restaurant pager system, for highlighting several side connectivity in an appropriate mode. 

Restaurant Pager System – FAQs

Where can I buy a pager and a service?

Aidbell provides a professional coaster restaurant pager system, alongside 15 pieces of wireless CT-P531 pagers ( hot seller pager) can be charged up for 4 hours of effective performance. For granting a fine communication, the Aidbell expert’s window has exceptional services for pager systems on the pocket-friendly cost that will be based on maintenance to replace the beeper system for longevity assurance. 

How does a Pager System work?

A pager system works on the same framework as radio runs. The pagers are linked with the frequencies released by one or two transmitters of a common device, and after calling on a particular frequency signal, it pops up the alphanumeric message on screen which can also be replied again to the receiver side. In this way, a built-in network formed which can communicate staff to customers, customers to waiters, and kitchen to waiters. 

How much does a Pager Cost?

Aidbell has 3 series Guest paging systems on sales to meet various budgets. So, one can easily enroll pager systems to hospitals, restaurants, and any public place which have a spreading area of 150 feet to 3,000 feet. Aidbell services and pager systems are endurable, plus offering reliable packages of normal to High-sensitivity touch screen devices work with 9999 pieces of pagers, all in reasonable cost tags. 


If you are longing to have restaurant coaster-style pagers and/or have Restaurant Guest Paging System in a specific logo, Aidbell provides you pagers for Restaurants on easy usage and low cost with fast delivery.