7 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of a Wireless Nurse Call Systems


Every healthcare facility requires a wireless nurse call system to help in offering real-time help to patients. The system connects the hospital staff to patients to ensure your healthcare facility provides the best care and services. This article will guide you on ways to get the most out of a wireless nurse call system.  

Tips on how to get the most from wireless nurse call systems

Here are ways of ensuring your wireless nurse call system meets all your needs:

1. Review your needs

Before you install a wireless nurse call system, evaluate the needs of your facility. Depending on the type of your facility, a hospital would for instance need a different nurse call system design compared to a senior nursing home.  

Determine what you need a nurse call system for depending on the patients you handle and your staff. Local regulations within your jurisdiction may also determine the type of nurse call system to install. Your staff should be involved in this evaluation process, to ensure you capture all needs and get the best from your preferred nurse call system.  

A proper understanding of your facility needs helps you to acquire a system that tackles all your needs. If you already have a nurse call system in your facility, you must evaluate how best it serves your needs. Your current system might need an upgrade so that you get the best from it and serve your patients better.

2. Evaluate different options

Nurse call systems differ and the technology in each system is also different, depending on the brand. When choosing a suitable wireless nurse call system, there are options such as pager alerts, call tones, wireless cellphones, and more. You should understand how each of the options works so that you choose the best suited for your needs.  

You should also keenly review the software used to build your preferred wireless nursing call system. It is advisable to understand the software and whether your team is able to handle it after installation. A convenient system monitors the entire system and allows for the swift running of all nurse call system operations.  

3. Proper installation

The way you install a wireless nurse call system helps to get the best out of the system. Identify the places where the system stations and other features will be placed. It helps to have a professional install your nurse call system, especially if the professional has served an institution like yours before.  

Proper installation is crucial to ensuring that your system serves you efficiently. Conduct a detailed risk assessment to ensure a smooth installation process.

4. Train your staff

You need to train your staff on the wireless nurse call system for you to get the best out of it. The training should be among the first measures you take before actualizing on installation and use of any system. When the staff is not well trained, it is likely that they will opt for other ways of communicating with patients, thus rendering the system less useful.  

Your staff are the ones who actualize the use of every wireless nurse call system. Different nurse call center suppliers offer initial training to their client staff, depending on terms and conditions. However, the initial training may not be enough but with good induction, the team can begin to utilize the system and learn with time.  

You also need to continuously monitor how the system is being used and identify any gaps or challenges that your staff may be experiencing. This may push you to conduct additional training or execute a solution to ensure the system is efficiently used.  

5. Prioritize communication in your facility

You may have a good wireless nurse call system, but does your facility have a well-cultivated communication culture? Your facility must regard communication with patients as an important aspect of service, for you to make the most of the nurse call system.  

Begin to create a communication culture among your staff by guiding them on its importance. You should also create communication rapport for staff and have room for feedback from your staff. There should also be expectations and guidelines on communication, to ensure that the staff is actualizing the goal.

6. Regular maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of any system. For wireless nurse call systems, maintenance ensures that the system serves you more efficiently and for much longer. You must always ensure that the system is safe, and properly working. After installation, ensure your service provider can provide system checkups and regular maintenance.  

The cost of maintaining a nurse call system can be quite costly and that is why your installation service provider should also offer monitoring and maintenance services. A well-maintained system will serve you efficiently.

7. Proper use of the nurse call system

Technology is a good way of communication and through nurse call systems, communication in any facility is boosted. However, there should be room for face-to-face communication in any healthcare facility. Hold regular meetings with the staff and have the system as part of the agenda, to review how it is being used and its impact. This continuously reminds the staff of the nurse care system and its importance when offering its services.  

It is during these physical forums that you should review the wireless nurse call system as a team. Review the data from the system, including patients’ calls, response time, type of help offered, and so on. Use this data to highlight areas where the staff responded and used the system well. The data should also be used to commend the staff on areas where they are doing well.  

Engaging your staff face-to-face helps to ensure that the wireless nurse care system is efficiently used. It motivates the staff to use the system and to respond to patients when needed.  

Final word

Proper communication between staff and patients is important in any healthcare facility. This is highly boosted by an efficient wireless nurse call system.  Hopefully, the tips shared in this article help you get the most out of your nurse call system.

At Aidbell, we help healthcare facilities to make the best choice when it comes to nurse call solutions that can deliver the possible care to patients, as well foster a productive and happy staff environment. Simply tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.