5 steps to choose the right nurse call systems


It may not have to be overwhelming to search for and pick a new health-care call program into your facility or pharmacy network. The method is streamlined when applying the search and knowing what measures and the considerations to weigh when evaluating the choices accessible. The organization’s short-run and long-term plans ensure that priorities are accomplished.

We will discuss 5 steps to choose the right nurse call systems for hospital facility. So, let’s start.


Check if patients’ & nurses’ satisfaction levels will be improved by nurse call system.

Factors such as age, place, patient preferences and service demands will affect the scale of the nurse call program and the leading roles that the organization can do effectively.

Calling on the different requirements, priority, and resource areas for and team’s quality improvements. Patient, details, transport, climate, radiography, pharmacy,collaborate with all groups impacted by the new nurse call framework. 

The new nurse call system is an essential investment in various technologies that will affect different people, each of which must meet its unique needs and goals.

For your institution to be sure that you choose the most appropriate nursing system, restrict options to each team’s choices, cut costs if required, and avoid expensive supplements for those associated. Include general and nurse call program assistance in the total expenditure.


Two main performance goals to be achieved by the new nurse call system.

Innovative and clinically based approaches are developed and applied to improve the clinical aspects of patient treatment for nursing personnel.

In the short run, an advanced nurse call system allows health professionals to enhance their existing nursing service while retaining value for patients and nurses by increasing reactivity with the better contact and work-flow.

In the long term, pick the creative nurse call system solution that fits the hospital can provide continuing assistance to guarantee a good return on investment and rising headaches. 


How to install the new nurse call system without disturbing patients?

For in-service hospital, it is very difficult to do cabling for Wired nurse call system.Patients will be badly disturbed by labour crowds and noise operation.

Aidbell wireless nurse call system requires no cabling,so the installation will not disturb patients any more.Plug-to-use solution will be the best choice for in-service hospital.

Identify places where nurse call system to install will help you meet tangible and practical targets or boost them. Design the installation via Floor Map of hospitals to select the appropriate location to install in details.

You should review the details and requirements to achieve more valuable investigation. After gathering feedback and investigation, you should modify and customize installation easily and appropriately.


Cost effective nurse call system solution with reasonable budget .

Nurse call button

Obviously, all hospital will create a budget for the installation of nurse call system. And there is no doubt that everyone hopes to choose the highest cost effective solution within the budget.

Aidbell wireless nurse call system is committed to providing high quality products at reasonable prices, trust us to provide the helpful products for hospitals’ entire needs.

We carry the full line of wireless nurse call system which helps hospital to provide high level instant care service to patients. Aidbell has full range products for you to choose: patient calling bell,patient bed call button, patient watch button, washroom call button, code blue button, portable call button, nurse call pendant,nurse call light, corridor display, nurse station software, nurse watch, nurse pendant,nurse pager, patient bed pad, signal repeater and etc.

Aidbell wireless nurse call system has many competitive features that can beat other suppliers’ at an affordable price. We are confident to say that our solution is a high performance price ratio choice for you.


The wireless nurse call system supplier’s comprehensive strengths.

To select a powerful facility, whatever it is, people will take into account of all factors of the supplier. Which supplier you will choose, manufacturer or trader?

There is no denying that hospital facility is quite vital as a basic infrastructure to keep patients safe and healthy. Therefore, you shall choose the manufacturer to ensure the strengths from all the following aspects:

  • R&D Only a manufacturer has such ability, can also customized to meet your requirement.
  • QC test support All goods from a manufacturer must get through strict QC test before delivery to ensure the quality.
  • Storage and delivery Manufacturer will have a good number of storage to ensure the delivery when you make the urgent order.
  • After sales service When meet trouble, it is easy to get technical support and other after sales service from a manufacturer.

Aidbell is a specialized nurse call system manufacturer. We have our own R&D team, provide ODM / OEM service, take strict QC test, and our system has storage to ensure the delivery within 2 working days. Besides, we offer 2-year warranty and technical support to help you install and use our wireless nurse call system easily.


Wireless Nurse Call System

The current nurse call systems reflect a significant expenditure in modern technologies, impacting various people.

Aidbell truly wants to help to provide a safe and satisfying place for the patients, so give us a call if you need help for your facility. We will make a specific solution according to your own requirements.